It is my pleasure to finally post deletedsoul’s responses to your questions. There were 15 questions total and I have decided to create a single page with all fifteen questions and answers in addition to individual pages for each question. You’ll find her responses here.

I encourage you to have deletedsoul elaborate on the answers if you need clarification. She has been a trooper thus far and I know she would love to engage you further… Just ask her :)

Unrelated News:

I have noticed that several YouTube videos have disappeared… yet another reason why I hate YouTube. Luckily I have located the videos and will be hosting them myself once I get them fixed and converted over to Flash. And speaking of Flash, I know some of you hate that format, but there is reason behind my madness… Flash videos save me an enormous amount of bandwidth and disk space. I’ve been dishing out a lot of videos lately and as the site grows so will the demand for more bandwidth.

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