goddess kaliHere’s another great example that clearly demonstrates the power of faith. Had it not been reported by so many news outlets I would find it hard to believe… but at the same time it sure doesn’t surprise me.

24-year-old Suresh Kumar, apparently a really devout Hindu, has been tormented by the murder of his elder brother since September of 2005. Recently, Kumar had visions of the naughty Hindu Goddess Kali in his dreams. Kumar took this as a sign and began to worship Kali in hopes that justice would be served for his brother’s untimely demise. Makes sense to me too :)

On Tuesday, Kumar found himself at the popular Mahakali temple in the outskirts of Jammu, the winter capital of Indian Kashmir. Kumar wasn’t here to just simply pray like most religious folk. He had a better idea that heralds back to the old school days. Kumar was planning to make an offering to the Goddess Kali, but not your basic run-of-the-mill offering… that wouldn’t be good enough for Kali also known as the black one with the red tongue. Drastic measures were in order to please this crazy Goddess. So Kumar took a nice sharp knife and cut out his own tongue, which he promptly handed to a priest as an offering.

At the hospital Kumar had this to say write…

“I am a true disciple of the goddess and it is my firm belief which has given me the strength to offer my tongue to her.”

This story left me speechless too, but for different reasons ;) Yikes!

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