Recently, I found a link to this story in Dan Savage’s blog. The story is just begging to be discussed on Religious Freaks. Phil Magnan, director of Biblical Family Advocates, spoke out against the hypocrisy of condemning homosexuality when many Christians’ own bed sheets are not clean.

“How can we as Christians have any moral credibility before God and man when we are practicing the very thing we condemn in the form of immoral marital practices?”

He points to a 2001 Barna Group study that found that 30% of Christians practice cohabitation (the horror!) and that divorce rates are the same for Christians and non-Christians.

While I give Mr. Magnan credit for recognizing and working to prevent Christian hypocrisy, I could not bring myself to categorize this post under ‘Good Freaks’. This is because Mr. Magnan’s ‘solution’ is not to encourage acceptance of homosexuality, but to hate common heterosexuality! He goes on to say:

“Until we show as much hatred for our own sin in our churches and demand repentance we will continue to destroy the sanctity of marriage, even more than same-sex marriage proponents.”

Sorry Mr. Magnan, but 90% of Americans have premarital sex. This includes both sexes and all age groups, even those born in the 1940′s, the supposed ‘good old days’ for ‘traditional’ values. If you want to hate that behavior, you’ll have to hate the vast majority of Americans’ choices.

I have never understood religious people’s vehement hatred for human sexuality. Why do they care so much about this class of ‘sins’ more than many others, like gluttony?

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