got milkI know I’ve been absent for quite some time and for that I apologize. But this news tip from Jeanine has delivered me from the depths of despair.

A cleric from the prestigious Egyptian university Al-Azhar has issued one of the most asinine fatwas that I have ever heard. First a little background on the matter. Islamic rule forbids Muslim men and women from being alone together. The assumption of course is that an illicit relationship must be occurring if a man and woman are alone whether at work or elsewhere.

To combat this injustice, Ezzat Attiya, head of the Al-Azhar’s Department of Hadith (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad) has decreed that if a man breastfeeds from a woman then a maternal bond is created, thus allowing the two to work together without raising suspicion of an illicit sexual relationship.

Now I’m not passing judgment on anyone, but having an adult male suckling from a woman sounds like an illicit sexual relationship to me or at least a kinky one :)

If you’re reading this one Mohamed I would love to hear you opinion on this one especially since you’re from Egypt. Hey, did you shoot some video on your vacation? I’d like to see it if that’s possible. Take care :)

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