Rev. Glenn Fulton and his wife were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in Florida during the 4th of July weekend. Little did they know that their trip would rock the very foundation of Christianity and send shockwaves throughout the entire world.

One early morning the couple was at the beach admiring the heavenly sunrise and asking God for guidance… we’ve all been there before right? After several minutes and receiving no words of wisdom from God, the couple left feeling rejected… their faith dented. But as well know, God works in mysterious ways.

Days later the couple returned home and had their photos developed. What they saw shocked them. The photos revealed the origins of man and they were not as expected! Rev Fulton and his wife were stricken with fear that these photos might get out and blow the lid off of the great Christian conspiracy. They burned the photos trying to cover up the incident, but it was too late. A Darwinian operative at the photo place recognized the images immediately and made several copies. He then distributed them to the proper channels ( for analysis. After an exhaustive investigation (2 minutes on Google), I uncovered the mystery behind the photo.

It is with great pleasure that I present my findings to the public. I enhanced the original image to highlight the region in question. I then cropped and magnified it to reveal what so many of us have known inside, but couldn’t prove. We were indeed created in the same image and likeness of God, but there is a twist. God is neither a man nor a woman. God is an ape just like our early ancestors. Even stranger is the likeness that God has with Cornelius from Planet of the Apes.

See for yourselves and bear witness to your roots. Original coverup story here.

god or ape

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