exorcistYesterday, the Associated Press carried this story that was destined to make it onto ReligiousFreaks. The Phoenix police were called to the scene of an exorcism in progress Saturday. When police arrived, they found a middle aged man, one Ronald Marquez, and his 19 year old daughter performing an exorcism on his granddaughter, three years of age. All three were covered in blood, the little girl was being choked by her grandfather while the mother was chanting “something that was religious in nature”. The ensuing struggle ultimately resulted in Ronald’s death. This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. Clearly, bullshit cures should be left to the professionals.

Ronald was under the impression that his granddaughter was possessed by demons. This is the sort of problems that occur when people are encouraged to view all life experiences through a religious filter. It causes people to attribute supernatural causes to perfectly natural problems. Texas isn’t flooding because of new weather patters due to climate change, God is pissed at America. My 3-year-old granddaughter isn’t acting up because she has a lot of energy or is ill, she’s possessed by evil demons. Even in the best cases, it causes futile searches for supernatural solutions when a natural one may be easily available. In the worst cases, people die.

So what was wrong with Ronald? Did religion cause him to violently abuse his grandkid or was he already a violent person who happened to be religious?


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