montezumas revengeJust a little update on my end…

I am almost finished moving in to my new place… finally a homeowner once again :) Actually this 4-day weekend was a marathon of sorts riddled with all sorts of craziness. So let’s backtrack a little bit.

I kicked things off with Thanksgiving on Thursday at my sister’s place with the entire family. There’s nothing better than watching a little football and stuffing yourself with obscene amounts of turkey, stuffing, and all the fixins :) Hats off to my sister and mom for the good cooking!

Thus far the long weekend was off to a great start, albeit a little hectic. Next event was my nephew’s birthday party on Friday. Now this is where things took a turn for the worse. The party was held at a local Chuck E Cheeses. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Chuck E Cheese is basically a cesspool of kids, games, and crappy pizza. On a good note though they serve beer… always a good thing when there are tons of kids running around. Anyway, the evening went off without a hitch and my son and I had a great time. But that was not the last we heard of Chuck E Cheese. More to come on that note.

So Saturday morning I get up bright and early to help my mom move in to her new place. I had purchased her place on Wednesday… but that’s a whole other story in and of itself. But long story short… My mom sold me her condo and she bought a new one. Thanks for the discount mom :) So back to the story… We had rented a 24-foot U-Haul for the day and planned on moving the both of us in one shot. Of course if you’ve ever moved someone, you know that it never goes as planned. I wake up with a strange uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. You all know what I’m talking about… you get the sweats and some cramps. It’s just a matter of time before your ass explodes in a most unpleasant manner. Thinking the worst was I over I head over to my mom’s place to start loading the truck. Well that didn’t happen… I ended up unloading some more pizza instead. Now I’ve had food poisoning before (thanks Cousins subs) and I am fully aware that I have a case of Montezuma’s Revenge. Shortly thereafter, my two brother-in-laws show up and guess what? Yep they got it too. We aptly named our condition Chucky’s Revenge. I’ll have to add that to Wikipedia sometime. So in-between several trips to the toilet, we managed to move her with no problems. Unfortunately we ran out of time and the truck had to be returned before we could move my stuff :( But hey that’s what Sundays are for right :)

So where was I going with all this you ask? Good question :) Hopefully I’ll finish moving my stuff tonight after work. I should have Internet access tomorrow and then I’m good to go! For the most part I just wanted to write something because I miss it so much :) With respects to my wellbeing, I am feeling great! Even though I’ve been absent I managed to use some of that time wisely. I’ve been working on some new logos, layouts, and features. Also I’ve managed to come up with some funny merchandising ideas that I hope to make available soon. But most important is the fact that I truly realized how much I have enjoyed writing articles and talking with everyone.

Stay tuned!


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