Recently, Israel has begun to roll out HDTV much like the rest of the world. But unlike most of the world, Israel has to cope with an ultra-fanatical religious sect known as the Haredim. Some of you might remember them from the infamous “crosswalk” article I wrote a year ago.

Essentially, these über-religious yokels follow the strictest form of Judaism. They are forbidden to watch television, films, read secular newspapers, surf the Internet for non-business purposes, etc. As a matter of fact, many phone carriers offer cell phones with limited capability just to accommodate the Haredim. But I digress (as usual.)

So when Yes TV of Israel decided to go High Def, they pulled out all the stops and went for broke. Take the Haredim and mix in a little Village People and this is what you get. This is brilliant and quite entertaining when you consider where this is airing. Bravo!

One a side note, I have to wonder what would happen if something like this aired in a Muslim country and targeted fanatical Muslims. Just a thought.

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