Over the years many churches, like many other businesses, have faced the same problem. How do you market your product and increase your customer base. To be honest this is where churches never cease to amaze me. In the past I’ve seen Christian martial arts exhibitions, catchy billboards, and other assorted gimmicks.

But pastor Robbie McLaughlin of the Next Level Church in North Carolina has come up with yet another stunt that I kind of respect. Like many marketing experts, McLaughlin did his homework and found the target audience he was looking for. Gone are the days of handing out useless fliers to random people on the street, McLaughlin decided to go after people drinking their sorrows away in the local bars and taverns. And instead if handing out useless pamphlets, McLaughlin went with something more useful… shot glasses!

And they aren’t just run-of-the-mill ones either. Oh no sirree! McLaughlin has these beauties custom outfitted with the church’s name and logo. He even came up with the catch phrase, “Give us a shot.”

Personally I wish I lived in North Carolina so I could get a set of these things. I have an idea! Let’s all write Pastor Robbie McLaughlin and see if he’ll donate some to the readers of this fine blog. If enough of us drop him an email on behalf of religiousfreaks.com, I think we can score some :) Here’s his email: robbiem@nextlevelchurch.org

But I digress as usual. Let’s get back to business. Do you all think this is just another sign that churches are getting desperate or a sign that they are changing with the times? Personally I don’t have an issue with this so long as the shot is free, or at least discounted ;)


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