bruce lee kickOn Monday, Colorado Springs Republican Douglas Bruce was to be sworn in as a state representative in Colorado. So with bible in hand, Bruce went to the House floor for Morning Prayer.

The room was filled with various reporters and photographers to capture what would normally be a mundane event. But this particular ceremony would be a little more entertaining.

Photographer Javier Manzano crouched before Bruce as he stood for the chamber’s morning prayer. With camera in hand, Manzano snapped a harmless action shot of Bruce in mid-prayer.

Douglas Bruce “Lee” responded with a swift kick to Manzano’s knee followed by the words, “Don’t do that again.” Complete story here.

Now some might argue that taking pictures during prayer is rude, and to that I might agree. However, a state representative should know better. Especially one that is Christian, and holding a bible, and in the middle of a prayer!

What’s even more amusing is that he refused to apologize and had the balls to ask the reporter for one instead. Douglas Bruce “Lee” said is best:

“I’m glad that he maybe, finally, I hoped learned a lesson, that he should not disrupt a public prayer of the House.”

What would Jesus do?

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