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Fight Islamic Pressure To Censor Wikipedia

Posted By gasmonso On February 7, 2008 @ 1:22 pm In Announcements | 114 Comments

This morning I discovered an online petition [1] to censor images of the Prophet Mohammed on Wikipedia. Initially I thought Muslims were angry with Wikipedia having the Danish caricatures on their site, but to my surprise the petition was not aimed at those! It is instead aimed at a few historical depictions of Mohammed on this entry [2].

The petition’s creator claims that any depiction of the Prophet Muhammed is offensive, even if the creator was a Muslim himself. The petition has gathered over 100,000 signatures thus far and has received a fair share of media attention. You can read more about the petition here [3].

Wikipedia’s response was short and sweet. They simply stated, “Since Wikipedia is an encyclopedia with the goal of representing all topics from a neutral point of view, Wikipedia is not censored for the benefit of any particular group.”

I agree with this stance, as I’m sure many of you do. It is for that reason I have created an online petition to support Wikipedia [4] on this matter and demand that the images stay put. I ask that you take a minute of your time and please sign this petition if you are against censorship. I also ask that you spread this petition far and wide. Place it on any forums and/or websites that are appropriate.


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