kurt westergaard mohammed bombEarly Tuesday morning Danish police arrested several Muslims suspected of conspiring to kill 72-year-old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Complete story here.

For those of you in the dark, Westergaard was one of the 12 cartoonists who published the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed back in September 2005. But Westergaard drew what would become the most famous caricature of them all… the Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban with a ginormous bomb in it.

These cartoons sparked a wide range of reactions from Muslims the world over; none of which were good. From riots to protests to boycotts, Muslim fanatics ran amuck. Even this website, along with countless others, were temporarily knocked offline by Turkish hackers for carrying the images.

What I find fascinating is that Muslims forbid caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed because they feel it may lead to idolatry. They want to protect their religion and their beloved Prophet Mohammed. Ok I get that and to be honest it makes sense to a certain extent. Hell, even the Christians have a rule against this (Exodus 20:4).

But what’s so amusingly ironic is that the result of this is far more damaging to the religion they cherish so much. In their attempt to avoid idolizing Mohammed, they ended up idolizing their entire religion in a sense. And with that comes an almost insane lack of rationality when anyone or anything remotely “criticizes” Islam and it’s Prophet Mohammed.

Just a heads up for those in Denmark… Three of Denmark’s largest newspapers plan to reprint Westergaards infamous caricature tomorrow as a result of the arrests and to show that fanatics will not intimidate them. Bravo!

UPDATE: Several Danish newspapers have in fact reprinted the infamous cartoon!

kurt westergaard mohammed bomb reprint

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