America’s Christians are under attack by Godless sodomites (that’s you and me if you didn’t know.) We (the Godless sodomites) are silencing Christians at an astounding rate in order to achieve our one true goal… pushing the gay agenda!

How they uncovered our plans I have no idea! But we must stay strong and focus on our mission… pushing the gay agenda!

It will be difficult, as the Christians have struck back with a valuable, honest, and insightful TV series that exposes the reality of America’s anti-Christian bias and urges believers to put an end to the silence!

The series premiered March 1 and will air 13 episodes on the Inspiration Network. Luckily for us we don’t need to have the Inspirational Network because the episodes are available on the web at here.

Here’s a little teaser trailer to get your blood pumping…

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