seven deadly sinsIn yet another attempt to justify its existence and keep their followers in check, the Vatican has come up with a modern list of the seven deadly sins. For those of you in the dark… the original seven deadly sins are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth. Pope Gregory the Great penned these in the 6th Century. Short, sweet, and to the point! Complete story here.

Here’s the long-winded new list:

1. “Bioethical’ violations such as birth control
2. “Morally dubious” experiments such as stem cell research
3. Drug abuse
4. Polluting the environment
5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor
6. Excessive wealth
7. Creating poverty

Right off that bat I see a few problems…

By condemning birth control, mainly condoms, the Vatican has put many impoverished people in a tough situation. On one hand they can use a condom to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and/or STD, but risk going to hell and burning for all of eternity. On the other hand, they can please God by having unprotected sex, but risk pregnancy and/or STDs. Not a very easy choice to make for God’s flock of sheep to make :(

I find it ironic that by condemning birth control, the Vatican is actually helping poverty and STDs flourish. Way to to go Pope!

No news if David Fincher, director of Se7en, will create a sequel ;)

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