Last weekend, Norway’s capital city Oslo hosted a fashion show in honor of International Women’s Day. And what better way to celebrate women’s rights than with the Burka, the lovely Islamic garment that has adorned Muslim women for centuries. Here a choice few selections from the show.

We start things out on a festive note with a little number that I like to call The Burkaclaus. This will have every Muslim husband wondering if the one he loves has been naughty or nice ;)

Next up we have a burka that is sure to be a hit with the the kids. I like to call this playful piece The Burkalloon. Move over Bozo, here’s the Burkalloon!

When playtime is over, be sure to step in to this luxurious burberry burka or Burkaberry as I like to call it. This simple yet sophisticated burka is sure to be popular with chavs everywhere.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce to a more functional burka known as the Burkaflage. Let’s face it… times have changed. With all the violence and unrest in the world today, it’s no wonder that the Burkaflage has become so popular. With it’s urban camouflage print you can rest assure that when the shit goes down in your city, you’ll be ready!

fashionable burkas

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