A few months ago I was ready to throw in the towel with ReligiousFreaks. After a rough year I felt that I couldn’t muster the energy needed to keep up the good fight. Even worse I started to feel that I wasn’t fighting the “good” fight, much less making a positive difference. Hopelessness comes to mind.

Just as I was about to pull the plug, a series of random events occurred that brought everything back in to focus and renewed my drive. I was at a local jazz club with some friends watching an old classmate perform. Everything was good to go! We had great music and several pints of Guinness. The only thing missing was some intelligent conversation.

It didn’t take too long before I ended up in a three-way conversation with people that had tagged along with one of my friends. Of course after a few pints of Guinness, I was ready to solve the world’s problems. We tackled the economy, politics, the bailout, and it wasn’t long before religion was up on the chopping block. Ok for those of you who aren’t aware… never under any circumstances engage in religious discussions at a bar after a several pints of Guinness. It rarely turns out well. But I’m not one to heed my own advice so in to the rabbit hole I go!

About 10 seconds into the “discussion”, it was painfully obvious that this woman was not the brightest crayon in the box. Now I don’t have a problem with people of faith… what I do have a problem with is a person’s inability to think rationally and more importantly think for themselves. Unfortunately the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Before I knew it we were embroiled in a bitter argument on whether the Earth was 5000 years old or several billion. Oh it gets better. In between bouts of “Are you serious?” and “What do you mean the Earth is 5,000 years old? Are you crazy?”, I tried to explain the scientific method and all the research that has gone in to this. I laid out a pretty good case for science (best I could after several pints) to which she just laughed off.

I was completely dumbfounded and tried to discuss evolution. Big mistake! It was as if I were trying to teach my dog sign language. I felt like the miracle worker! This was the first time I had actually met someone like this in person. Sure I run across people like this on my website all the time, but it’s much more insane in person.

It was at that very instant though that this blog and everything I’ve been trying to do for the last several years came in to focus. My mission was far… FAR… ok I mean F A R from over. As a matter of fact I barely even scratched the surface. But was I even making a difference though?

Over the next few days I felt awful about how I had assailed her at times that night… I blame it on the Guinness ;) But seriously I realized that I had gotten it right with this site, at least partly. Posting real-life stories of religious idiocy is not only more subtle than blindly attacking people, but my guess is that it’s more effective too.

About a week passed when I was driving back to work from lunch and some woman cut me off. Normally I don’t really give a damn and just blurt out a few choice words, but today I decided to briefly tap the horn. As I peered through the back window of her car I noticed a rather large crucifix dangling from the rearview mirror which was soon accompanied by a middle finger! In between bouts of laughter I couldn’t help but think of this site. It was a sign from God! LOL

Over the following week this site was on my mind a lot and I seriously pondered what I wanted to do with it. I was still on the fence until I received an intriguing email from a woman who working for a production company. She said that a new documentary series was in the works and that they wanted to use a shot of my site. I contacted her and discussed the project and eventually signed a release for them. Before you get excited, it’s nothing big… just showing a specific webpage for a few seconds while they discuss the story. But nonetheless I was pretty excited ? I spoke with her a few times afterwards and it was rather motivating because she was validating all the hard work that I had put in this site.

Holy crap! I was just about to say, “To make a long story short…”, but that’s obviously too late ;)

Well to make a really long story not-so-long… I came to the realization that I was not thinking big enough with respects to ReligiousFreaks. Not only do I want to continue with this site, but I want to kick it up a notch and really make an impact. There really is no point to running a site like this unless you put everything you’ve got into it. With everything that went on in my life over the last 2 years, I didn’t have the time. And if I didn’t have the time to do it right then I wouldn’t do it at all. That’s how I felt and why I stopped posting. But much has changed in my life and not only do I have the time, more importantly I have the focus and drive to really make this site what it should be.

Stay tuned…


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