First off I’d like to dedicate my first real post this year to Shaze, a kind and warm individual who is nothing short of an inspiration to us all. Oh wait a sec… no it’s because this article is about sex ;)

Last week Janet Rosenbaum, Ph.D., of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, released a study on abstinence that I’m sure all of you will find truly shocking. Dr. Rosenbaum discovered that abstinence pledges among teenagers are actually ineffective! I know what you’re thinking… how is this possible especially if they’re wearing those magical abstinence rings?

Well before we tackle that Scooby Doo mystery, there’s yet another bombshell I’m about to drop on you. Dr. Rosenbaum also showed that when these hormone-charged teens eventually cracked they did so in style and were more likely to bareback it. But why?

Abstinence programs, like the Silver Ring Thing ministry, promote their agenda with fear instead of education. They demonize premarital sex as if it were nothing more than a dirty act rife with STDs and unwanted pregnancies… a dangerous game that can only be played safely amongst married individuals. They fail to educate teens about new fandangled things like condoms which help prevent STDs and birth control pills that can magically prevent unwanted pregnancies. Heaven forbid they even made monogamous relationships an option.

So once these teens succumb to their “God-given” dirty urges they are totally ill-prepared to do so in a safe manner. To me, organizations like the Silver Ring Thing are not only misleading teenagers but they are actually endangering them with their religious-based ignorance and fear tactics.

Watch this promotional video and tell me I’m wrong…

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