Tens of thousands of Filipino Catholics flooded the streets of Manila today in hopes of touching a 17th century dark-skinned statue of Jesus Christ… known by his fellow gang members simply as The Black Nazarene or Magical Black Jesus (MBJ for short). Complete story here.

Now to the untrained eye it would appear that these people are acting rather foolish… stepping on one another just to touch a statue. But a closer look will reveal that it is us who are the foolish ones. For you see, this statue is not merely a 402-year-old piece of wood that was burned at some point. Oh no, it is a Magical Jesus that possesses mystical powers… ones that can wash away sins and cure illnesses with merely a touch! Just look at these iron-clad testimonials:

Edna Gapo, a 40-year devotee, said the Black Nazarene has blessed her family with a good life. “All my children have good jobs abroad. And I was able to buy a car. “And when I was sick and struggling to stay alive, He made me well,” she added.

Fely Tan, a devotee, said: “The Black Nazarene is really miraculous. He blesses me even financially.”

I have but one simple question. If Magical Black Jesus is so powerful then why is poverty on the rise in the Philippines and why would they be still be so faithful?

Fr Jose Clemente Ignacio, Parish Priest, Quiapo Church, said: “The faith of the Filipinos has been growing. Poverty has also been increasing in our country and there are more people coming to ask help from our Lord.”

Personally I wouldn’t ask Magical Black Jesus for help… I’d demand answers :)

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