I gotta hand it to the Muslims of Broward County Florida for this little stunt. Not only did they surpass the Atheist Bus campaign in the UK, but they managed to do so in such a magnificent way.

Fifty buses in the county’s fleet are scooting around town letting all the Jews and Christians know that Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and of course Muhammad were Muslims. The ad, compliments of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, simply reads:

“ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.”

An alternate ad reads:

“ISLAM: The Message of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.”

Both ads also flash a phone number 1-888-ISLAM-55 for anyone that might have questions. Hahaha, priceless!

As would be expected, it took all of five seconds for Jews to fly off the handle and accuse CAIR of being a terrorist organization and all that crap. You can check out the rest of the soap opera here.

When I take a step back from this and view it from afar, I honestly can’t help but laugh my ass off! Think about what’s going on here. On one side we have the Christians, who in the past had a monopoly on public advertising, getting upset over Atheists who just want everyone to relax and enjoy life. But before the Christians can respond, the Muslims launch a bus-jihad and attack not only the Christians, but the Jews… leaving the Atheists unscathed.

One can only wait to see how the Christians respond. They better make it good because the bar has been raised :)

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