I’m just two weeks in to my “comeback” and wouldn’t you know it… life has decided to dole out yet another blow. Last Thursday I was unfortunately laid off from work having fell victim to the sluggish economy :(

Seeing as how this was my first time losing a job, I must say it’s quite an interesting experience. Initially you go in to shock as all your bills spontaneously hold a parade in your head. Oh look, there’s the mortgage float! Once the parade passes, then the “what-if” monster stops by for a cup of coffee. What if I just worked harder? What if I kissed more ass? You get the idea.

As part of my severance package, which is quite fair I must admit, I have to come to work for the next 30 days to transition my responsibilities to a coworker. Talk about weird! There’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking around the office when everyone knows you’re getting canned. It feels like I have a “dead man walking” sign on me! What’s even worse is the funeral procession outside my cube as people come by to pay their respects! It’s a very sad affair apparently. People holding their heads down and making idle small talk. Yikes!

Honestly, I don’t know what the hell is going to happen in the upcoming months. But I am certain of one thing. I want to change my career. I want to find my life’s true vocation. I’ve done so much in the past few years to change my personal life, that to stop now would be unacceptable.

But in the meantime I’m heading out to go celebrate the Inauguration and unwind a bit :)

If anyone has some words of wisdom… please feel free to share!

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