Are Americans Ignorant About Religion?

Yes. Ok, there’s a little more to the story, but the short answer is definitely yes at least from my experience. But of course you don’t have take my word for it when there are people who study this for a living. Steve Prothero, a professor of Religious Studies at Boston University, has been studying [...]

Evil Muslim Kites Strike Again!

I reported on the infamous Basant festival of destruction before. This years Basant was yet another trip through madness that resulted in wanton carnage. In 2004, 19 people met their fate during the festival and a ban was quickly passed. Thousands protested and the government finally agreed to lift the ban for this year. As [...]

Beware The Islamic PDAIA

If you thought religious rule couldn’t invade your personal business anymore, allow me to introduce you to Terengganu. Terengganu is a Malaysian state that has a problem with public affection. As a result they have created the Public Display of Affection Intelligence Agency or the PDAIA. The mission of the PDAIA is to look out [...]

Behold The Great Allah Miracle!

Ever since I started this site, I have reported on Jesus sightings as well as the occasional Virgin Mary image. The one thing that all these stories have in common is what appears to be an image or likeness of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Whether it’s a Virgin Mary Funyun or a tree resembling [...]

Not So Happy Valentine’s Day For Muslims

Valentine’s Day has evolved in to what is essentially a nonreligious over-commercialized dating bonanza. It truly is a harmless day in which couples set aside some time to spend with one-another. At least that’s what I thought. Apparently, someone forgot to inform the Muslims in Kashmir about this though. To them, Valentine’s Day is a [...]

Jewish Apes And Christian Pigs At The King Fahad Academy

This week’s religious controversy comes to us from Acton London where former teacher Colin Cook is accusing the King Fahad Academy, an Islamic school, of preaching hatred and intolerance towards non-Muslims. Cook alleges that children as young as five are taught from racist textbooks that refer to Jews as apes and Christians as pigs. In [...]

Avoid Herouxville Quebec If You’re Muslim

When I saw this story, I was convinced it was either a joke or at least inaccurate. But as reality has proven in the past; life truly is stranger than fiction. Come with me to Herouxville, Quebec where the local government has laid down the town rules in a very unique and clear fashion. It’s [...]

Muslim-Only Bathrooms In La Trobe University

It’s no secret that the United States was a very racist country towards blacks. Back in the first half of the 20th century, it was common (at least in the South) to have segregated bathrooms and water fountains for blacks and whites. Blacks were rightfully upset over the division and it took a national civil [...]

Pigs Fly In Israel As Muslim Appointed To Cabinet

The Israeli government approved the country’s first Muslim Cabinet member, Raleb Majadele. Immediately following this announcement, thousands of pigs took to the air to mark this highly improbable event. Now after reviewing that last paragraph, I find myself chuckling at the prospect of pigs flying in the Middle East. I’d imagine flying pork products of [...]

The Second Coming Of gasmonso!

Welcome back everyone! Let's hope that Cyber Warrior Tim and his Islamic army of ignorance will leave us in peace. The reason for the attack was to protest against the infamous Muhammed Caricatures that I have shown for almost a year now. I will provide more information, but I am tired and want some sleep [...]