Are Americans Ignorant About Religion?

Yes. Ok, there’s a little more to the story, but the short answer is definitely yes at least from my experience. But of course you don’t have take my word for it when there are people who study this for a living. Steve Prothero, a professor of Religious Studies at Boston University, has been studying [...]

Evolution Is A Religious Deception

UPDATE: HERE IS A COPY OF THE MEMO FROM BEN BRIDGES provided by SciGuy Rep. Ben Bridges, a Republican from Georgia, is under attack for a memo distributed under his name calling for a ban on evolution in public schools. What’s interesting is that the memo called evolution a religious deception stemming from an ancient [...]

Pigs Fly In Israel As Muslim Appointed To Cabinet

The Israeli government approved the country’s first Muslim Cabinet member, Raleb Majadele. Immediately following this announcement, thousands of pigs took to the air to mark this highly improbable event. Now after reviewing that last paragraph, I find myself chuckling at the prospect of pigs flying in the Middle East. I’d imagine flying pork products of [...]

Italians Just Aren’t Kosher

Rickler sends us this little gem to lighten the mood on a wonderful Friday morning. New York's Z Morning Zoo radio show has a little comedy skit they call the Phone Tap. Basically they have listeners set their friends and family up for various different phone pranks. This has been done a million times over, [...]

Super Jew Vs Haredi

This story would get the Rosa Parks seal of approval in there ever was one. Thanks go to Mary from Italy for the tip. Last month an American-Israeli woman named Miriam Shear headed to Israel for what was to be a beautiful five-week vacation. Every day, Shear would take the local bus and head towards [...]

Green Light For More Jewish Stupidities

Gary from Australia sent me a link to the next chapter in the Jewish quest to bother everyone. In the past I covered a story about eruvs that sparked a wide spectrum of opinions. Some defended the Jews, while others like myself ridiculed them for the shear nonsense. I like to think of this story [...]

The Jew That Ruined Christmas

Tis’ the season to be offended! Every year people of all faiths complain about the holidays, or if your Christian, the very phase "Happy Holidays". Jews cringe at door greeters wishing them a Merry Christmas. Atheists complain about public nativity scenes. And as for the Muslims, well nobody knows what they’re up to. So it [...]

Jewish — Race Or Religion?

Recently I had a discussion with a Russian-Jewish friend about Chanukah and the history surrounding it. Yea, I know what you’re thinking… Wow gasmonso, you sure have an exciting life… but please bear with me. We talked about what Chanukah represents and so on. The discussion then turned to Christmas and how it is a [...]

Jews And Muslims Have One Thing In Common

A while back I reported on the uproar over a planned gay parade in Jerusalem. If you missed it go take a quick peek. The future of the parade was in question due to the controversy surrounding the parade being that it was for homosexuals. Well the Israeli government has spoken and the parade is [...]

Moroccan Wins Iran Holocaust Cartoon Contest

If you’re unaware of the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest, then you’ve probably never been here before. Go ahead and catch up here. After 8 months and 1,193 drawings from 62 countries, a winner has been chosen. Moroccan cartoonist Abdellah Derkaoui, took first place with the cartoon shown here. It depicts a crane with a Star [...]