Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures

UPDATE: A winner has been chosen.

This is the permanent home for the Hamshahri Holocaust cartoons. Hamshahri is the major newspaper in Iran and has sponsored a competition through IranCartoon.com to  produce the "best" Holocaust cartoons in response to the infamous Muhammed Caricatures that were posted in the Danish newspaper. More cartoons will be added as they appear. Now, as with the Muhammed caricatures, please feel free to leave if your easily offended. I am showing these cartoons because I feel they are an important indicator of the ignorance that exists in our society as a result of religion and intolerance. The newest entries will be displayed on top.

Fabiog Da Silva of Brazil

Mohamadreza Doustmohammadi of Iran

David Baldinger of USA

Firouzeh Mozafari of Iran

Carlos Lattuf of Brazil



Massoud Shojai of Iran


Carlos Lattuf of Brazil

To the best of my knowledge this is NOT an official entry, but a cartoon that was posted by the Arab European League in response to the Muhammed Caricatures.

It appears that this cartoon was NOT submitted for the competition as was previously thought. However, Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig does take credit for making it. He drew it in 2002 as a response to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. CNN has reported this now.


192 Responses to “Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures”

  1. Muslimfucker says:

    Mohammad was a pedophile terorist.

  2. SirRoundSound says:

    I really don’t see any anti-Semitism in these, save for the unofficial one about Hitler. When I clicked the link to this site, I expected anti-Jewish, racist cartoons. Instead, these are legitimate political commentaries equating the Holocaust to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

    It is important to remember, folks, that criticism of Israel’s policies are not anti-Semitic. It would be like saying criticism of the Nazis and the Holocaust are anti-German.

  3. Kurt says:

    SirRoundSound, your point is well-taken, although I happen to think the jews-to-tanks one and the one with the jewish ash jars are anti-semitic (the former because it has the word “story” appended to “holocaust,” the latter because it depicts throwing jews into a fire). The are many aspects of Israel’s policies I disagree with.

  4. Stefan/ Romania says:

    “Too many religions, just only one God”
    Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne.
    I’ve seen here these most-speaked-of caricatures, made from both “sides”. Beyond a questionable good taste I found some of them being a little bit boring, some funny. Some just trigger an alarm on real facts.
    However, NONE of them can be offensive, unless you are really stupid. (no one is THAT stupid) Or, and this I think is the case, having a great interest in making propaganda for hatery and fake reasons for more “war on terror”.
    I’v also read the Rushdie’s “Satanic Versets”, because of the fuzz about it. I found it to be(with surprise, I admit) a fascinating fantastic story, a mix of cultures, morals and fairytales, written damn well…
    So much scandal for nothing.
    But the money keep going on arab oil, israeli army, us war on terror, drugs from afganistan, civil wars on african oil+diamonds+natural resources countries etc…
    Is it really about ancient religions or about the money?
    I’d say “follow the money”.
    Just an opinion.
    What do you think?

  5. alcari says:

    Stefan said:

    (no one is THAT stupid)

    You must be new on the internet.

  6. Danish 4 life says:

    DENMARK FOR LIFE CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIAN ARE THE BEST WHOOOT!fucking Towel Heads stfu and eat sum bacon

  7. Jayman says:

    Danish 4 Life : you are an idiot.

    There is arguably no more respect for you Christian/Catholic nutjobs than there is for Muslims here.

    fuckin sandal wearers stfu and eat some cardboard jesus

  8. thcia says:

    A lot of Muslims out there seem to think that Islamic prohibitions on depicting Mohammed apply to everyone, not just Muslims. Non-Muslims are NOT obligated to respect Islamic taboos nor Islam itself. Islam is a religion and religion is fair game. It is also a political idealogy bent on world domination bent on world domination. Getting Westerners and non-Muslims to kow-tow and submit is just the first step. We are not obligated to respect the beliefs of others if there’s no basis in fact in their beliefs. Theres no evidence for God’s existance, so why shoud we?

  9. Jesse J. says:

    Jesus Christ. Arabs and Muslims are such depraved, ignorant barbarians.

    Well, at least they’re killing each other off so the rest of us don’t have to do the dirty work.

  10. Jesse J. says:

    @Post 136-

    Fuck you sand nigger. You dumb arab fuck. FUCK YOU.

  11. MarcDLS says:

    Jesse J. once again you make a poor example of a human being. You are completely ignorant of history otherwise you wouldn’t make such foolish statements. Why don’t you take a dose of lead out of a 10mm and see if you can gain some enlightenment?

  12. brave lion says:

    Fuck Jews
    Dirty pigs

  13. that s the truth says:

    the first time I watched the famous program of Opera , she was talking about Iraq & laughing while making some stupid jokes…I just wondered if really she is so ” educated” to be in such position! later on when I’ve been in USA & some European countries , I knew that most of the western people are so chauvinists, ignorant, uneducated & far far away from being open-minded
    The west is the only one responsible of the holocaust, is the only one responsible of mass destruction, mass killing of other nations & spreading chaos…& after that you see their own people speaking proudly ab out human rights & civilization!!!
    We the Muslims are not responsible of the holocaust. We were living in peace before the coming of the colonizing countries. After that we started to see gangs getting over our countries.. & still they are doing & because of the west we cannot get the peace inside our countries. Jews, Christians of our nations …were just part of our people that we share with them the blood, the land the food… My own grand fathers were Christians .& I don t hate the Christianity when I became Muslim I just loved it much more with my new religion & saw it greater far away from the dirty ideology of the church.
    The west is just a group of gangs & passive followers who you can control by giving them pleasure & food. the gang heads knew how to use the world without having any ethical basics in their use. look what they did to the native people of the “new world”, look what they do to spread chaos to get petrol…
    the stupid American people still think that their famous CIA agent Ben Laden is a true Muslim & leader..that he did the 9/11 & the Muslim people in behind… the ones who new the truth that their own countries deceived them to fulfill some agenda still repeat that dirty words of their well played piece of theater.& they just insist that are “innocent” & that they should kill all the Muslims like they did to the native Americans so that they can get the promised lands full of free petrol…
    I ve been in the west & while talking with the most educated people I just got the impression that all the people in there are just stupid & believing lies & propaganda…they just read their own languages, know the news of their channel TV …they are not opened to the others, they don t know anything about the others.

  14. Jurga says:

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  17. Persian Soldier of Cyrus says:

    jews and arabs are cousins.


    they’re all the same. get with the program people! you’re all slaves of this propoganda machine!

  18. Susy Ting says:

    I’ve recently started a blog, and the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work. cheers!

  19. waqas says:

    holocaust is the biggest lie of universe

  20. waqas waqs off says:

    only if by “lie” you mean truth.

  21. Andy W says:

    Why did The Jews house get destroyed by termites ? …… They did not call the exterminators .

  22. MD.Mizanur Rahman says:

    Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu……………………..to all of you….I am a muslim…..At first, I have to say that—”THERE ARE NO GOD BUT ‘ALLAH’ AND PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM) IS THE LAST AND FINAL MASSENGER OF ALLAH”………Some people may think that—PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM) is the founder of ‘ISLAM’……I hate them..I hate them..I hate them….Because he isn’t founder of ISLAM..But he is the last and final messenger of ‘ALLAH’(I said it)…..Nowadays we are seeing some crazy people who’s are making the cartoons of our PROPHET MUHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM)’s they are the foulest human beings of the world………….Some people thinks that ‘’JIHAD’’ means holy wars……..But it’s not true ……..The true is that ‘’JIHAD’’ means increasing the speed of ‘’ISLAM’’ by giving ‘DAW’AH’(INVITE)………Now you can think that I am telling you the false, because of that—-PROPHET MUHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM) had passed his many of times by wars……..If you think that I have a question to you that—If anyone invite you for a war or a debate or anything , will you interrupt him?….. I think u will answer me that ‘no’……..because if you interrupt him you will be gotten shame……..That’s why , when anyone invited PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM) for a war he didn’t interrupted them , he joined on the war………………………………….I hate pope Benedict…….Because he insulted ‘’ISLAM’’ and PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM)……. I hate pope or pooooope bandage……..Can’t MUSLIM’s makes the cartoon’s of pope Benedict’s….But no we respect him………But those who’s made the cartoon’s of PROPHET MUHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM) they are disrespectful, they have no religion……Or if they have religion their religion is false or foul………There are so many scientific and mathematical and many other errors in the bible…….For example: mention from the bible ……that——‘’The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham’’(Matthew:ch.1.V:1)………now my question is that —-how can a man has two father?
    OH! There are no statement in the complete bible where Jesus Christ himself said that I am god and worship me………So there are no true religion without ‘’ISLAM’’…………..And ‘’ISLAM IS A COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE’’

  23. [...] Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures » Religious Freaksmuhammad cartoons, contest of love Iranian style … Iran’s Holocaust Cartoon Contest; Official English International WebPage … So here we have quite a problem for the participants to the Holocaust cartoon contest as they have to make cartoons of something that is being sponsored as not to have existed… [...]

  24. Cole Pigeon says:

    This blogpost is amazing, its probably something to do with my computer but for some reason i can’t see your article on google chrome, thats why i had to use another browser.

  25. honestly great article although I think this post was researched quite hastily and the article feels incomplete.

  26. jewish says:

    While I’m Jewish and I do feel some of those cartoons are offensive (If you murder someone you should go to jail and compensate the family and if you murder 6 million even more so) THE SIMPLE TRUTH REMAINS THAT:
    no matter how offensive the cartoon about the Jews are you will never see Jewish terrorists killing people over it. And you will never see Jewish religious leaders and politicians promoting hatred and supporting the murder of innocent people!
    You can’t expect the same from Muslims.
    Their way has always been one of terror and power struggles.
    -just something to think about-

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  28. Coach Purses says:

    I can’t understand this post very well. May the artor talk more about it.

  29. Psyco says:

    I denounce Mohammed, I piss on the Koran, Muslims are no longer a part of me. I am now a Christian signed ps.y@hotmail.de

  30. jewish says:

    I found most of these quite funny, and in some cases gives a real ‘question’ [something to think about] to the viewer.
    would like to see more Orthodox jewish cartoons though.

    yeah, I’m a jew.

    But wish for everyone to step down from true belief and at least become agnostic if not atheist. It would help lowering blood pressure and would give more free time to do the things one really enjoys!

  31. funny jewish says:

    Cool caricature..jews nothing

  32. A heart that loves is always young.

  33. Psyco says:

    The Holocaust never happened, its just made up by Jews to bolster the sympathy of the puppet American public who have a combined IQ of 144 = Gross ignorance

  34. oh hell no says:

    this was so fuckin dumb i take that offensive dumb asses who the fuck put that on their that’s so mean and the one with the little girl that was stupid and gross. i now their just cartoons but still, their are Jews still here you now. OMFG

  35. How long does it take a Jew to cook??

    It depends how many are in the oven……

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