Hamshahri Holocaust Cartoons And Caricatures

UPDATE: A winner has been chosen.

This is the permanent home for the Hamshahri Holocaust cartoons. Hamshahri is the major newspaper in Iran and has sponsored a competition through IranCartoon.com to  produce the "best" Holocaust cartoons in response to the infamous Muhammed Caricatures that were posted in the Danish newspaper. More cartoons will be added as they appear. Now, as with the Muhammed caricatures, please feel free to leave if your easily offended. I am showing these cartoons because I feel they are an important indicator of the ignorance that exists in our society as a result of religion and intolerance. The newest entries will be displayed on top.

Fabiog Da Silva of Brazil

Mohamadreza Doustmohammadi of Iran

David Baldinger of USA

Firouzeh Mozafari of Iran

Carlos Lattuf of Brazil



Massoud Shojai of Iran


Carlos Lattuf of Brazil

To the best of my knowledge this is NOT an official entry, but a cartoon that was posted by the Arab European League in response to the Muhammed Caricatures.

It appears that this cartoon was NOT submitted for the competition as was previously thought. However, Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig does take credit for making it. He drew it in 2002 as a response to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. CNN has reported this now.


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  1. kadir says:


  2. Tony says:

    I remember seeing cartoons like these – equating the conflict in Israel to the Holocaust – in a college textbook (here in the USA), in the early 90s.

    I recently saw ‘Jesus is Magic’ – a comedy film released in theatres here. It contained jokes about the holocaust, and jokes at the expense of christians. It wasn’t banned – it hardly raised eyebrows.

  3. Bill says:

    Talk about stupid…some of these cartoonists don’t realize that Jews in Nazi concentration were actually **taken there** and *not* allowed to leave. Arabs in the West Bank are free at any time to move to some other part of the Middle East, in any Arab nation they want, under any Arab dictator they like best.

    Jews in World War II just WISHED they could have left the camps and been taken in by million of other Jews, the way the millions of Arabs could help out the 50,000 Arabs in Palestine.

    It would be too much to expect these things to be understood by a culture that forbids its girls to get educated, to drive, etc. etc. Maybe if Arab nations let their women be part of the workforce (what a crazy idea!) they might prosper more.

  4. Fellow citizens including Muslims. Do you want to be part of America? If so, denounce and and stop funding the tradgey.

  5. muhlis says:

    Avrupalı,müslüman ve mazlum milletlerin kanları ve alın terleri üzerinde saygısız ve anlamsız kahkahalar atmaktadır.Ama bilsinlerki müslümanlar zulme razı olmayacaklardır.Bize kızgınlıklarıda bundandır.Ama mü minler ve inkarcılar imtihan ortamında rollerini oynamaya devam ediyorlar.Yaşamın anlamı böylece gerçekleşiyor.Cehennem ile müslümanların gazabı çok çetindir.hatırlatırız.

  6. Tony Castalino says:

    I do not understand why the picture of stinking Muhammed is not allowed to be seen. He was a bastard, never had father, just like Saddam Hussien.
    Their Koran is fake
    No democracy or election in savage muslem countries
    Muslems are animals & killers

  7. Lickyalips says:

    Funny how the muzzie cartoon demonstrators in London were holding placards denouncing free speech whilst, at the same time, they were practicing it on our streets.
    I wonder how islamic countries would react to Jews or Christians protesting against moslems on their flea-ridden streets.

  8. italian1984 says:

    to be honest i dont bother myself in politics, and all i want to say is:

    damn you towel heads suicide bombers

    damn you fuucking je-ouwws ugly hook nosed with a stupid hat

    btw, we are the champions of the world cup 2006… 4 times…

    hamas, hamas, hamas and jews into the gas.

    fuuck you all and have a nice day…


  9. murtaza says:

    I like all these cartoons on holocaust and i agree that every one have the right to publish on any topic like holocaust also. it is the theory of eaurop and the eauropions are the people who killed the jews not the muslims but the jews hate muslims not eauropions. and I hate both of them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I need to know, how many riots and death threats were caused by the holocaust cartoons?

    Point made…

  11. juan says:

    Let’s try to figure out this…

    1) Danish people (probably atheists but not Jews for sure) publish cartoons about Islam

    2) In response, an Iranian newspaper makes a contest on the Holocaust, mocking such a sad period in history

    3) Iraians and Muslims around the world ask for respect (but they still mock the Holocaust)

    Does this makes any sense to any of you?????

    Give me a break!!! Start respecting other peoples beliefs, religions and grievances before you ask others to respect yours!

    As I recently read a muslim woman say on TV (something alike to:) “I have never seen a Jew blowing up in the middle of a restaurant in Berlin”

    Think of your acts. Start accepting the existence of other faiths beside yours!

  12. MICHAEL says:


  13. Liz says:

    Typical BBC pro israel response, wouldnt comment either way on the Mohammed cartoons, yet is quick to castigate and produce some teeth ghashing jews on que in response to these cartoons… showing where its allegiances lie.

    You can say anything you like in the west it seems, unless its speaking out against the behaviour of the jews. Even satire of them is forbidden. And people say islam is draconian… jeeeeeeeesus..

  14. GOD (again) says:

    Oh ye ugly creatures…
    as i was wrong the moment i created you, so shall i take your souls with my own hands!!! or… well… you know… i won’t need to!!!

    it’s only a matter of time, and you’re gonna kill each living creature on this sucking planet!!!

    i could never imagine that i could create such a gang of hollow-coasts and hollow-heads….

    just go to your own business, and leave religions alone… after all, i’m not the one who told the “prophets” to go all the way to call for a “pray”!!!! but they thought they were doing well… and right now… your prophets do no longer exist… as i don’t intend to make a heaven and Hell!!! YOU just don’t deserve EITHER of them…. YOU deserve to VANISH… and so will be…

    and YOU… who think that “NO GOD CAN SIGN A BLOG”!!! YES I CAN… i am the one who created YOU!!! REMEMBER!!!! so how can’t i make my comment!!!!

    you filthy believers…. and you filthy non-believers… just watch your step so you don’t fall… cause i no longer are watching you….

    Humans are a waste of time…

    i’m creating Hamsters for the time being….

    Ùˆ أنتم يا أمة الله… ليس الله بأحمق… Ùˆ هو يرى ما تفعلون… Ùˆ هو يدري أن نهايتكم لقريبة… على أيديكم أنفسكم…

    Ùˆ الله لأنكم لا تستحقون الرحمة، Ùˆ لأنكم لاتستحقون ما وهبكم الله…

    لعنات الله عليكم أجمعين…

  15. Shaze says:

    I beleive that I am a greater being of conciousness and power than anything you are, or beleive in.

    I hereby challenge you to a dual like that pussy Bruce Almighty; I bet that I can do anything your God can do, but better. Go ahead, name it: cure the sick, create life from nothing, kill millions, exploit the meak.. I can do it all!

    If I win, I get to piss on your churchs/temples/parents. If I lose, I still get to do the above, but a smug sense of self-satisfaction.


  16. Hassan says:

    hey there… don’t u feel ur getting a bit off-topic :p
    who the hell cares for this!!! they’re ALL cartoons!!.. the same as you… the same as me…

    anyway.. i’m sure of one thing…

    [quote=Shaze]I hereby challenge you to a dual like that pussy Bruce Almighty; I bet that I can do anything your God can do, but better.[/quote]

    well, and i’m sure you know i’m right….
    you just can’t brain-wash as much as God could do… guaranteed… i bet you should be either God himself, or to be a prophet… to do all of this brain-washing job… well, if u could be a dictator, that could apply as well, but to a limited number of bull-heads…

    so… God wins… yeah.. right… what a victory… so let’em go celebrate in silense…. i don’t think that if God has really existed, would he be so proud having ppl worshipping him ???!!!! so.. he’s either mentally sick… or he’s more stupid even than the creatures he made himself… or if he was clever… then he wouldn’t really need us to worship him… which makes all of the holy books useless, and wrong… so… enough questions…

    WAKE UP ASSHOLES!!!! and stop fighting for silly reasons!!!!

    i think that God is really watching us… and he’s laughing his ass out loud!!! just look at yourselves.. ANIMALS!!!!

    you don’t even deserve sympathy…

  17. mark says:

    most people never want to spend time to understand their own religion, let alone other religions. we follow our own religion because we are born with it… how many of us have ever tried to understand or criticize our own holy book? very very few. I wonder, why are we so eager to criticize or blame or hate some religion(and the community) we never even tried understand just because some people from that community are causing trouble for political reasons ??

    there are a million political reasons for muslims to dislike west…. There would not be any war in the middle east if there were no petroleum. Why USA supports Israel blindly from the beginning…. Is it religion… is it because both the bible and the torah are read by the Christians? Why did USA had to come all the way to destroy the tyranny of saddam hossain (and keeping rest of the tyrants in the middle east alive) and to destroy that country for several generations? To save (lol) Iraqi people? Or Jesus talked with Bush about the sufferings of Iraqi people…(god talks with him anyway)? ……………………. The answer is pretty simple…. Petroleum …not religion………

    if you look at the history of the genocide, the worst things are done by the Christians(Hitler….Milosevich….) ….and Jews (Sharon…one name, means it all)…not muslims…. If you look at the history of middle east…. You will rarely find that Jews where socially segregated by the muslims because of their religion…. It’s a complete opposite picture when you look at the history of Europe where jews were always treated as mean creatures ? there are several famous European novels/plays about them…. Why do you blame muslims for being racist then?

    I do feel pain when I read or watch any movie that depicts the sufferings of the jews by the Nazis. But did they learn anything from their own sufferings? Aren’t the jews doing the same to palestine ? oh… not really .. they are just protecting the promised land…. In fact god has chosen the right people for that job….

    Now to the Danish cartoon….. it’s pretty simple concept….. Denmark doesn’t have many muslims…. For whom did they publish those cartoons…. In fact they didn’t publish some cartoons of jesus few months back as that might hurt the feeling of people (that’s, what it should be)…. Don’t you people have any better thing to laugh at? Leave these prophet people alone…. A cartoon will do no harm to them…. But it will just ignite some fanatics…. Now iran is doing something even cool…. Christians mock muslims….–>> Christians helping jews….–>> Jews are all bastards — >> holocaust is a lie — >> lets draw some cartoon…. …I guess it will never end…

    God (if there is one) bless mankind…..

  18. Nombriliste says:

    Thank you for posting these.
    We should be used to it by now: Nothing should suprise us. Nonetheless, the deceit employed in presenting these cartoons in the western corporate media (Wolf Blitzer nodding, murmmering “shameful”) is deeply frightening. Anything they instruct will be believed: war is peace, freedom is slavery, etc.
    And there is no apparent end: illegal weapons aren’t, civilians aren’t, civilisation isn’t.
    On to Rostok (G8 ’07) and the last day of their order!

  19. Shaze says:

    Death to zee infidelz!

  20. Hassan says:

    Damit Mark!!!

    you’re talking about Muslims as if they were angels!!!
    haven’t you read the history of Islam!!! haven’t you read about their “Ghazawat” (battles) against Jews and Christians to “spread” Islam!!!

    and surely, you haven’t read about the Burning of Alexandria’s Library on the hands of Al-Khalifa Omar bin Al Khattab!!! wasting a complete history of the civilized mankind!!! numerous books written by great Greek and Roman philosophers and intellectuals were just burnt… and what did he have to say… the Khalifa Omar??? he said…

    “if it was evil what they had in the books, then it’s gone now… and if it was knowledge, then we’re enough by the knowledge that Alaah has brought to us in his Holy Book…”

    and for those who’re gonna say i’m wrong… i’m a muslim… and i’m from the middle east… and these words are taken from our school books… FUCKIN ASSHLOLES!!! THEY’RE EVEN PROUD OF IT!!!!!

    Mr. mark… you really don’t know what Muslims have done… they only stopped killing by the end of the Ottoman’s Dynasty in 1914-1916… but they’re back….

    and believe me… you really don’t know them all… of course we have some good and some bad…. but that’s not based on the teachings of Quran, but it’s based on how each man was raised…

    afterall… Rabbits are living a great life without Religion… why don’t we follow their steps??!

    at least…. rabbits don’t kill each other…

  21. Uncle Adolf says:

    I’m not taking sides (neither jews nor muslims), but if there is a freedom of expression then these caricatures have the right to be oublished. The holocaust is a very controversial subject, still. The thing is every non-jewish people pretty much had enough of the holcoaust, as it’s comes out of every tv, newspaper etc. We are not interested in their “tragedy”. They still making a lot of money out of it. Germany, Hungary and other countries still paying compensation to the survivors (every jew apper to be a survivor. but who died in the holocaust then???). When will the jews like ariel sharon (http://www.zpub.com/un/wanted-as.html) pay for their crimes??? Or they are untouchables because they are the “chosen”??? Who choes them? God certainly didn’t as every soul is equal…

  22. sanakra says:

    mark do us a favour google for bangladesh genocide

  23. Kasper says:

    The 12 Mohammed caricatures published in a Danish newspaper in late September 2005 were partly focused on elements of the martyristic interpretation(s) of Islam that justifies and even makes it desirable to kill in the name of God.

    Since many Europeans have completely abandoned organised religious communities throughout the 20th century in favour of secular-humanist interpretations, and since Muslims in general (or perhaps due to the fact that imams often claim to speak for the entire Muslim society) appear comitted to a quite orthodox religious interpretation… Then not surprisingly, the above picture has become the most famous “face” of Islam (or rather Muslims) in most Western media since the rise of Khomeini and, of course, Al Quaeda and their sympathizers.

    The Hamshahri Holocaust/Israel caricatures portray modern perverted militarist Zionism and its apparent dominance in Western media at the expense of the suffering Palestinian people. The idea of Zionist perversion leading Israel to repeat the crimes of Nazi Germny is a fascinating provocative image that will probably haunt Israel as long as the occupied territories of 1969 aren’t returned.

    Of course, right wing conservatives – especially after the increased Muslim badwill due to the terrorist attacks in USA and Europe – claim that a democratic Israel has “a right to defend themselves towards fanatic terrorist aggressors, when corrupt Arab leaders fail to do so”.

    In my opinion, the only place where pro-Zionists enjoy actual political dominance is in the Evangelist movements in the United States which, sadly, are quite influential on American politics. In Europe, only German politicians are consequently cautious when criticising Israel. The basic opinion is that modern Israel should be considered a state as any other and met with the same demands. “Holocaust goodwill” does no longer promote special treatment. The Islamist terror and the anti-Israeli hate speech of Ahmadi’Nejad, however, has however once again given Israel more Western goodwill.

    The major difference between the Mohammed drawings and the anti-Israeli drawings above is the secular orientation of the latter. “Blasphemy” has more or less ceased to be considered a criminal act, although there are still (old) laws against it. But “racism” (promoting hateful suspicions against specific ethnic groups/people) is considered a much more serious crime. Some of the above cartoons may not be considered ‘racist’, but as long as the majority of Arab countries are governed by corrupt despots or uncompromising theocracies, the suspicion of ‘propaganda’ remains unavoidable – especially for the Iranian drawings.

  24. Robert Adkins says:

    The only difference between mocking Mohammed and the holocaust is this: Mohammed was probably real.

    HA HA! Fuck all you crybabies. This is social Darwinism at work. Learn to take a punch or become extinct. Jews can’t hide behind the myth of their holocaust, and Muslems can’t expect everyone to like Mohammed. There are plenty of things in this world worth pulling the trigger over, and this ain’t one of them. Come down off the cross, we need the wood.

  25. stacy, USA says:

    i think that people who drew pictures of mohammed probably didnt realize how taboo what they did was. it was ignorant, absolutely. i think muslims in the middle east are right to draw a comparison to how taboo it is to joke about the holocaust, which is seen in america and europe as one of the most terrible occurances of mass murder in recent western history. still, how does furthering ignorance help anyone? does hurting someone else really make what happened any better? muslims should have asked for an apology, not that the people who drew cartoons be killed. the middle east and muslims could have used this as an opportunityhad to educate people in america and about their culture, rather than further supporting the stereotype of muslims in the middle east being fanatics who want to kill everyone who disagrees with them.
    these cartoons will be received in the United States as ignorant, but we would not for a second suggest that someone be killed for their ignorance. I hope that one day people on both sides of this issue can swallow their pride and apologize.

  26. Lucian says:

    Very funny, and yet very true. :)

  27. Roger says:

    Waah, waah, waah.

    Who the Hell cares!

    If the publishing of a cartoon can start a Jihad, then perhaps there’s something wrong with your religion.

    If you find offense at these cartoons perhaps there’s something wrong with you, too.

    If your God looked upon you and saw your reaction to what you see in these cartoons He would glady smite you for being an uholy fool.

  28. Roger says:

    Shaze says:

    “I bet that I can do anything your God can do, but better”

    Except spell…

    You’ll have to scroll up and read it yourself. I can’t spell that poorly, even I try to.

  29. Roger says:

    “…and surely, you haven’t read about the Burning of Alexandria’s Library on the hands of Al-Khalifa Omar bin Al Khattab!!! wasting a complete history of the civilized mankind!!!”

    This is an often mis-represented “fact”. In truth the person or persons responsible for the burning of the library is unknown.

  30. elwood says:

    Yes, way too quiet after the ole’ rim-shot

  31. Oronur says:

    Several of the most “shocking” Cartoons where created by muslim fundamentalists themselves (at least 3 where). Simply because the others where not extrem enough.

    Muslims have a right to dont like the original cartoons but they have no right to forbid this cartoons (or others).

    In all islamic countries (except turky) there is no segregation between religion and politics. This means they mostly cant understand that the politicians in european countries have no right nor power to forbid such cartoons in the press.

    I sometimes wonder why many moslems (from many different countries) like to live in europe (maybe because of the western freedom… and wellfare) but they dont like to accept the way of living and most at all the freedom.

    I must say the following. If they dont like to live in our countries (they surely have the right to do so) then they are free to live in every islamic countries. Maybe their president (mostly a dictator) would like this to happen.

    I have several friends that are muslims, but they are mostly europeans. I wonder why they arent so shocked about the original cartoons. Maybe they understand the concept of freedom of speech. “You have the right to dislike it, but you have no right to forbid it”.

    At least, it is the goal of cartoons to show facts in a humoristic way. This cartoons (and every other) are very exaggerated, this is the concept of cartoons.

    Maybe you (i mean the muslims) should first unseat the corrupt and radical politicians in your country. This would help you more than crys about some bad drawings.

  32. Patrick Bateman says:

    This whole thing is hilarious. All these cartoons are messed up but it’s hilarious how so many people take these so seriously. somehow i dont think anyone targeted by the Holocaust cartoons are going to go crazy and start setting stuff on fire..just my guess.

  33. james says:

    europe is pretty concerned about madonnas freedom of music! at least she is trying to do may hurt some people (Catholics). she has the freedom to express her music. Why do we care?


  34. MUHAMMED says:


  35. ABDUL ABDULLAH says:


  36. james says:

    85 and 86
    can’t u guys talk something rational?

  37. mark says:

    >>and surely, you haven’t read about the Burning of >>Alexandria’s Library on the hands of Al-Khalifa Omar >>bin Al Khattab!!! wasting a complete history of the >>civilized mankind!!! numerous books written by great >>Greek and Roman philosophers and intellectuals were >>just burnt… and what did he have to say… the Khalifa >>Omar??? he said…

    my intention was not to prove that muslims are better than othere community…. but the point you have made is not well justified… still I believe that kind of thing might have happened… whatever it is, you can’t have conversation/debate with others by swearing and cursing even it is on your own community. The things that you are taught in school may be wrong…but you have to remember, all the tyrants use religion to supress people to prove that whatever they are doing is for the religion and for God…. don’t be so easily deceived…
    how do you think al-quaeda recruits all these people… by giving them money? nop… by convincing them whatever they are doing is for religion… you can always find those kind of people….

    also, you were very quick to disagree abt one point… but as you are in the middle east… you may make it clear… are the non-muslims in the middle east badly treated? socially segregated? how about the jews in Iran? are they suffering as iran is the biggest enemy of israel?

    because of my job I have travelled and lived in many muslim countries… and I have lived in bangladesh for several years… I know the story of genocide by pakistan there…. but the point I wanted to make in my previous post is that genocide on other religious race just to eliminate them from the land….

    people living in the west simply don’t have any idea in the muslim countries… they are much more friendly and family oriented… respectful to their elders…. which is hugely absent in the west… the things that you see in the media is representing may be only 1% of the community…the fanatics…. the rise of these fanatics happened for reasons we all know… we just don’t want to blame oursalves…. (laden was a freedom fighter against the soviets and terrorist when doing the same against america), i suggest you to watch the movie “Syriana”… you may have some idea….

    As i have understood the reason the muslims don’t like to have any image of Mohammed is because of the fear that people will start worshiping him instead of god himself. The frantic fanatic response is not acceptable at all… but my point is why to pick up some topic of some community to offend them when that particular issue is not harming anybody…. same goes to the holocaust issue….

  38. Elisha says:

    I ask myself why didn’t Hamshahri announce a cartton contest about Christianity? Too big a change?

  39. mark says:

    nice post …. the clash between liberal and conservative muslims…

  40. ThereIsNoGod says:

    The world would be so much better if Jews, Christians, Muslims, and every other religious group would realize that what they believe in is mythology. Wake up! There is no invisible man in the sky! All your “holy” books were written by primitive men with limited understanding of the world. Judaism grew from Egyptian and Canaanite myths, just as Christianity grew from Judaism and popular Roman mystery religions like Mithraism. Islam took elements of both religions and combined it with the Arabian moon god mythos. It’s ALL bogus. Religious people have been oppressing, torturing, and killing people for thousands of years because of these ridiculous beliefs. All this bloodshed in the Middle East is because of this nonsense. Wake up people and realize that there is no god and that all religions are primitive stories.

  41. Jonas says:

    Nation: A group of people who identify with eachother (Jews, Albanians, Muslims a.s.o)

    State: A governing system of people. Not the same as a nation.

    Race: A group of people who are similar in their genes.

    Nationalism: Protecting your Nations interests, promoting your Nation.

    Racism: Saying that your race/group of people are superior to others.

    Nazism: Using cold logic to say that youre race is superior and that you should promote, strengthen it and anihilate those of another race.

    Sionism: Jewish Nationalism before and after the existence of the State of Israel.

    Good neighbours: People who respect those who live close to them and know that they have to be kind and treat each other with respect. And this is necessary if you plan on living somewhere for a long time.

    Machiavelli: A guy who thought that you should use the power of fear to rule. And to use excessive force to instill that fear and hate. (that is, if you couldnt get those you wanted to rule to love you.. like if you conquered their land by force)

    Jesus: A guy who said that all men and women share one thing, God and his love. And that love and God is the greatest good.

    Ratoinalism: Claiming that real truths can only be found with logic and reasoning.

    Religion: Something that is not very Rational at first sight but is a guidance for people to live their lives and fill it with meaning. Since people find meaning of their life in religions, their faith surely must be very important to them?

    Respect: Knowing that someone to you is irrational by choice and still respecting that persons choices. Showing someone that you disagree, sometimes in the extremes, but that you still find that person a human being and worth something more than just flesh and bone (or power or money).

    Wrong: Failing to understand that we all are humans with right to respect for our faith our lives our freedom of speech our dignity and the dignity of those who we care for.

    Right: Standing up for yourself and what you believe in when someone disrespects you or someone you love.

    Wrong: When you stand up for yourself and want to humiliate or hurt the offender, beyond what YOU yourself would expect as punishment if you did the same. Like anihilating Jews for being anti-aryan, shooting palestinians for throwing stones, burning down embassies for an insult, going to court when someone denies the holocaust and so on.

    The problem: People who are humiliated and disrespected lose their patience after a while.. for some its 2000 years of persecution, for some its 40 years in refugee camps, for some its their faith being spit on, for some its the tragedies of their families being spit on.

    How to make it worse: Instead of straight forwardly standing up for yourself, you become impatient and try to instill FEAR in your opponent. Telling yourself and everyone else that YOU are right and ONLY you. Now thats a lie! And everyone knows it.

    How does it feel riding the bus when you might have a suicide bomber on your left?

    How does it feel living in a camp thats being raided by some other countrys trigger-happy military every other day?

    You get scared.. someone has got you full of FEAR.
    So you get impatient, humiliated and you want to get back, especially since you want to stand up for your people and your faith. Since you are the martyr, maybe in a Merkava tank or inside a heavy belt of terror.

    Is it too late for Israel to good neighbours with the surrounding countries?

    Does Israel have a plan to stay in that area for more than 5 years (maybe they decide to A-bomb Iran and get FULL MACHO RESPECT)?

    Of course you cant come to a negotiation and say “hey, ok, we want peace, if you just give us this.. this is ok..” no.. you say “we want war! you must surrender to us!” so that you can make some compromise.. but some choose to Negotiate the “absolutely best deal possible” and some choose to defend their familys “honour”.

    A strong leader or commander doesnt have to use Fear or strong punishment. Thats the sign of a truly weak leader.

    A strong leader gains the respect from those he leads, and also those he doesnt lead.


  42. Oliver says:

    I think Humour will save the world (even bad humour)

  43. Not impressed says:

    Come on! Are those cartoons suppose to be offensive? They suck, the only good one that approaches offensive is Hitler fucking Anne Frank. The cartoonists lack creativity to truly offend if that were their intentions. Draw pictures of Jesus fucking mohammed in the ass or George Bush shooting his load of jizz into mohammed’s mouth or something like that. Or raping muslim women with symbols of American culture like a Coke bottle or a double penetration of a muslim cunt with the fucking World Trade Centres. As for all that bullshit about mohomaed with a bomb on his head, whats all the fuss about? If muslims are NOT suppose to ever draw pictures of mohammed than the cartoon is NOT a picture of mohammed, just an ignorant cartoonist’s idea of mohammed. DOESN’T ISLAM ALLOW IGNORANCE? THE CARTOON WAS A PICTURE DRAWN BY A IGNORANT NON MUSLIM. SO IN REALITY IT WASN’T A PICTURE OF MOHAMMED!! GET IT? FOR EXAMPLE WHEN I THINK OF MOHAMED I SEE A PILE OF SHIT WITH A BOMB ON IT!!!BUT THAT IS MY IGNORANCE, NOT A TRUE DEPICTION OF O

  44. Not impressed says:

    OF MOHAMED. what are muslums gonna do? kill all those people who are ignorant and uneducated about there religion? Can’t we choose to be stupid and ignorant and make fun of things we know shit about? Only muslims think and believe that there belief is the only true one. Big whoopeee fuck welcome to the fucking world, every mother fucker on this planet thinks that what they believe is the TRUTH. why is islam so insecure about itself it can’t tolerate being made fun of?will a cartoon or a joke make it untrue? of course not! at least for muslims. Make all the fun and jokes about jesus or whatever the fuck is held sacred in the West…money? fucking children? drugs? Until you are capable of truly being offensive and able to withstand the lowest in vulgarity, can you say you are a learned person. Let your mind sink to the lowest low and soar to the highest high, then your mind has experienced its range. so fuck jesus fuck mohamed fuck george bushes mom fuck the internte fuck fuck fuck hhha aahhaahahahah h

  45. metronil says:

    Arabs are such whiney ass cowards…no wonder their women love BIG BLACK DICK!

  46. We've got the nukes says:

    Why not start a holy jihad? I mean from the West, let’s get it started and over with. Wipe all those non-westerners off the map and take their land and resources. Fuck the innocent collateral damage, there is always casualties in war. And take a look at all the countries and groups of “Devil worshippers” ie non-muslims in the world that have nuclear weapons. Fucking Satanic USA, the wine drinking fellatio performing FRANCE, the antiGOD RUSSIA, the diaperheads INDIA who worships fucking elephants and blue faced demons and the FUcking chinks who run over their own children with tanks, and the JEWS in Israel. HEy motherfuckers see any muslims with the nukes? the Pakies? fuck them. so lets get it on. all non muslims with nukes versus muslims with nukes…there isn’t any ha ha you motherfuckers lose. So stop your fucking demand for respect you backwards fuckers a ll you are capable of is a few planes and a few bommbs even a dirty bomb is a joke. because once one go off then it is open season on ALL MUSLIMS.

  47. Hinken says:

    It seems that these Holocaust cartoons do not deny the existence of the Holocaust, but rather compare the methodology of the Nazis with the modern day methodology of the Israelis (e.g. building Walls/Gettos, denying the palestinian people access to a proper national infrastructure, freezing assets etc) and also exposes the hypocrisy at that.

    Fair enough.


    1. Accept the Mohammad (peace be upon him) caricatures as a healthy introduction of freedom of speech in the world of Islam (don’t take yourselves too seriously guys).

    2. Accept these rather apt observations of Israeli hypocrisy (Your nation [Israelis] have some moral standards to set and live up to – so why don’t you start right now).

    That seems to me a fair deal.

    Hypocrisy on both sides is no good.

  48. tereshchenko says:

    last +1

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