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Since Religious Freaks inception in October of 2005, the site has been picked up by every major search engine with the exception of Google. All attempts to get listed have proved futile much to my dismay. I am calling upon my readers to lend me a helping hand. If you run a website, I ask that you please put a link to on your links page. This will greatly aid Religious Freaks in getting Google to recognize it.

Of course, no good deed will go unrewarded. As a token of thanks, I am offering my first born son to the person who links to my site with the highest Google PageRank. But I warn you that he’s 2 and quite a handful. And his potty training skills are not perfect. Other than that, he’s a real joy and will provide many years of hard labor. Of course if you just want me to link to your site, then that’s no problem either :)

If you’re interested, please leave a comment below or use the Contact page if you want some privacy for whatever reason. Thanks for your help!

47 Responses to “Help Get Religious Freaks On Google”

  1. ImDone says:

    Thank you …. I can’t thank you enough for being brave enough to have this site, in an era of growing fundamentalism.

    Let’s hope people start to realize what a mistake religion is and what a stain on humanity the belief of God has become.

  2. rx says:

    yo – this is a great idea. I’ll link your site (when I get it made).

  3. m w says:

    I just googled for “religious freaks”. It’s the first hit.

    Nice site, btw.

  4. Doug says:

    Good catch!
    Carry on the mission.

  5. EDANYA says:


  6. Hellbent says:

    Fantastic read, your biting sarcasism is not without a point. Keep it up!

  7. Disciple says:

    Your childs soul depends on the relationship the parents have to Christ before it reaches the age of accountability. If it has not yet reached that point, the childs soul goes to heaven or hell based upon the whether or not the parents are saved or not. You obviously are not. Essentially you have “offered your first born” to Satan. Congratulations. I am sure he/she will grow up and put in “many years of hard labor” for him just as you have for so many years. “No deed goes unrewarded” is correct in that if you profess Jesus before man, He will profess you to God, likewise if you blaspheme him and deny him, He will do the same. I suggest you all get your life right with Christ before you have to meet Him and are held accountable for your actions. If not for your sake, for the sake of your children.

  8. sidfaiwu says:

    Interesting comment Disciple. I wonder what flavor of Christianity you practice. My guess is Catholic or some closely related protestant denomination like Lutheran or Methodist. They often use guilt as a motivator as you are trying to do in your post.

    Anyway, don’t feed me emotional reasons to believe something, give me rational reasons. What you have got to understand about agnostics and atheists if you want to get through to them is that they don’t believe what you do. They don’t believe in Satan (nor to I). Thus “offering their first born” to Satan is an impossibility. They have no reason to feel guilt or fear.

  9. Disciple says:

    Pentecostalism. Catholicism is a cult and is Satanism in my eyes, as are the Methodist. And all men fell reason to have guilt and all men fear. To say otherwise is a lie. It is human nature. Guilt as secularist call it, is the conscience discerning right from wrong. I call it conviction, and this is where the spirit lets you know when you get out of line with God so that you can correct that. You should believe in Satan, because he believes in you. To deny his existence is to play into his plan. That’s what he wants you to believe. As for reason, the greatest reason for believeing in Christ is the salvation of one’s soul. Whether you believe or not is up to you. That’s the gift of free will God gave you. However, if your will does not go hand in hand with his, you will be in danger of damnation. The choice is up to you. Hopefully, you choose to walk a path in line with God and try to be more Christlike in your daily walk. LEAN NOT TO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

  10. sidfaiwu says:

    Pentecostal? Yikes! Have you ever read Snow Crash? Never mind. I don’t know much about Pentecostalism other then what was in that great work of fiction.

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to imply that agnostics and atheists don’t feel fear or guilt, only they don’t feel fear of what they consider imaginary mythological places of eternal suffering. Nor do they feel any quilt for “playing into the hands” of fictional evil beings. This means that your chosen method of proselytizing will ultimately fail. Such methods will only work on those who already believe. If your goal is to convert atheists and agnostics, you would have more success if you used motivators other than fear and guilt.

  11. Matthew says:

    “Pentecostalism. Catholicism is a cult and is Satanism in my eyes, as are the Methodist”

    LOL! Gotta love it when people are such religious freaks that they claim people within their own religion are evil satan worshipers.

    It is going to be awefully lonely there in heaven. You won’t even understand the people who ARE there because they’ll all be speaking in “tongues.”

  12. Disciple says:

    Snow Crash is a work of science fiction based on a virus causing people to speak in tongues. Thats absurd. If you are going to try to “debunk” pentecostalism, try using something that’s not a work of science fiction or a made up virus.

  13. sidfaiwu says:

    I know what Snow Crash is as it is one of my favorite books. I’m not trying to debunk Pentecostalism via that book. Why not try converting us with something other than a work of anti-science fiction (the Bible) or a made up Satan?

  14. Matthew says:

    “Snow Crash is a work of science fiction based on a virus causing people to speak in tongues. Thats absurd.”

    You say that as if speaking in tongues as proof of salvation isn’t absurd… or cultish, for that matter. My irony meter just blew a fuse.

  15. gasmonso says:

    Disciple, you are the reason why so many people don’t believe in God. You speak with such carefree ignorance that it’s frightening and sad.

    Be happy, be good, and enjoy life. Don’t live and worship out of fear my friend. That’s a real tragedy. There’s not much more to say because you’ve already drank the Kool-aid.


  16. Disciple says:

    Satan is no more made up than you or I. The Bible is the absolute infallible truth and it speaks of his existence and of tongues as evidence of the holy spirit. It only sounds absurd to one that doesnt believe in the Bible. Tongues have been witnessed by millions. When have you ever witnesed a virus cause people to speak languages unknown to them? Cultish? Only if you do not believe in Christ. And there are more non believers than believers worldwide, so which is the Cult? Could it not be said that disbelief is a cult of it’s own?

  17. Disciple says:

    Carefree ignorance? “A fool says there is no god and believes it”. Carefree, yes, because I know in whom I have believed. Ignorant? Certainly not! Worship is not out of fear but of obedience. Your views seem more along the lines of utilitarianism. I do like the kool-aid reference though, I found that one to be very clever. The real tragedy is to know Christ and deny him. Look at Colossians 2:18. That will sum up your position well.

  18. gasmonso says:

    Disciple, please send me your email. I’d like to contact you to ask some questions.

    And yes… stay away from the Kool-aid :)


  19. Disciple says:

    You have a secure way of me providing you with that information? As much as I like to debate things, a million emails from web users is not something I think I can answer in a lifetime. I have had fun debating these topics with you. I may not agree with them all, but that is why it is up for debate. Voltaire once said that everyone was entitled to an opinion and he would die fighting for that right even if he agreed with them all or not. I think that sums it up for me. Do I agree with you all, no, do I love you as my fellow man and love and protect your right to disagree, absolutely. Thats what makes Americans different. So, sure I’ll give you my email.

  20. gasmonso says:

    Sure, just use the Contact page…


  21. Matthew says:


    “And there are more non believers than believers worldwide, so which is the Cult?”

    And how many Catholics are there vs. Pentacostals? Sure is a lonely “heaven” you’ve got waiting for you.

    “Could it not be said that disbelief is a cult of it’s own?”

    Um, no.

  22. DISCIPLE says:


  23. Humanistic Jones says:

    I… I love this site so much! Only on this site can a thread go from “Help get us on Google” to “THE STREETS WILL RUN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE NON-BELIEVER!!” Its like this place is a nexus of awesome and emotion. Supreme!

  24. CaimanQueen says:

    Gettin’ a little testy there, eh DISCIPLE?

  25. Greg says:

    Disciple is a class A kook…I am torn between feeling sorry for him and being very very afraid of him and what his fundamentalist beliefs make him capable of.

  26. Ugh. This fearful, anonymous “Disciple” is in no way representative of all of Christianity. Yes, there is a judgmental, fundamentalist branch of evangelicalism that is quick to damn others to hell, and terribly slow to offer others the very grace that Jesus offered them. It’s hypocrisy in the highest degree. Sometimes they are so determined they’re right, that God himself couldn’t convince them otherwise.

    But despite people like these, those who understand the Gospel will tell you that it’s the most beautiful thing you will ever hear. It is not hatred, judgment, or fear. It is hope, and it is love.

    This is not to say that God does not have standards of righteousness; we’re more full of sin than we’ll ever realize. But the essence of the Gospel is that God knows we cannot reach that level of perfection, and that we are all fallen and broken, and he’s willing to restore us. There seems only one requirement for salvation: humility before God. We simply have to admit we need him.

    This site obviously is for those who have been wounded, harrassed, judged, oppressed, or just pissed off by religion. Fair enough. Throw out religion. But don’t throw out God. Because when our view of God is based on a subset of his foolish, misguided “followers”, it is a faulty picture indeed.

    Anyway, though our beliefs may differ, thanks gasmonso and others here for your honesty.

  27. Alcari says:

    Disciple needs to do a “just ask”
    but it seems he’s disappeared


    preacherdy preach preach preach….
    Heaven, by deffinition can’t be lonely :P
    anyway, if you’re there, I sure as hell don’t want to. I’ll take eternity impaled on a red red hot spike over eternity with you any day.

    “”I… I love this site so much! Only on this site can a thread go from “Help get us on Google” to “THE STREETS WILL RUN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE NON-BELIEVER!!” “”

    indeed, it’s amazing with a little faith will get you…oh wait…

  28. Aydin says:

    Disciple. You are by far the stupidest person I’ve had the displeasure of meeting in a forum. If you do your research right, you will see that there are many diseases that cause people to “speak in tongues”. One such disease being meningitis. Get your facts right before you try to insult us with your ignorance.

  29. proofNOTtruth says:

    No one can prove that god exists, and all the evidence indicates that it does not. No religious person has ever come up with anything like proof for its existence.

    Disciple, can you perform miracles? Jesus says you should be able to do what he did and MORE! Can you? Have you raised the dead? Changed water to wine? Blasted a fig tree?The bible says you can if you believe.

    Are all your prayers answered in the affirmative, i.e., do you get everything you pray for? The bible says you will in plain, clear, unequivocal language. There’s no “sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no” passage in the bible. ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE is not spinnable. There are probably six direct, unambiguous declarations in the bible that you will get what you pray for every time. My favorite test of this is why does god never heal amputees. If you tell me that your prayers are answered, it must be ALL your prayers, and for me to truly believe, they must be unambiguous answers: I.e., the results cannot possible be coincidence. Replacing an amputated limb is unambigious; getting over cancer is not.

    There has yet to be a study that indicated that prayer has any effect at all on anything. There are many studies that show that is has no effect, expect to increase complications in patients who know they are being prayed for.

    As for speaking in tongues, why is it the tongues are never any languages anyone ever heard before? They don’t suddently speak French for example after a lifetime of knowing no French. No, they babble like insane people and then call it “tongues”.

    If our “salvation” is so important to god that it tortured and murdered its own “son” to “save” us, then why doesn’t it simply make its existence undeniably clear? It’s omnipotent, right? So it could do anything, and I would think that it WOULD do anything necessary to ensure we all believe, because it loves us so much.For that matter, why is its word (the bible) so vague and contradictory? An omnipotent being could have produced a book that no one could question.

    Though there is much more nonsense to address,I will close with this: Why would a loving, compassionate, merciful god comdemn an admittedly innocent child to hell because its parents do not believe? If there is a god and that is it, then I spit in its face. It means that god’s creation is superior to itself in that a human’s love for her or his child exceeds god’s so called love for the child. Nice.

  30. Jim says:

    >The Bible is the absolute infallible truth

    uh, how do you account for the almost innumerable amount of direct contradictions in the bible then?

    One that has always bothered me is the fact that god changed from vengeful (old testament) to infinitely forgiving (new testament). The entire notion of god’s infallibility revolves around the fact that he cannot change his mind, ever. Changing his mind would suggest that he was, at some point, wrong, and how can god ever be wrong? Not to mention the fact that god is supposed to be completely free from time and space, so any “change” would indicate that at some point in time, something happened where god became different from that point on. But how can you have a time when something happened if time doesn’t apply to you?

    I don’t know why I try to apply logic to this stuff, I guess sometimes I forget that logic means nothing to the overly religious.

  31. Louie says:

    Nice site fellow Atheist. Good humour as well!

  32. freigeist says:

    thought this might be a point of interest. i got to this site by searching ‘wanted’ in google images and got a link to the “wanted for arson: ‘virgin’ mary” pic. next thing u know i’m posting. technology is remarkable

  33. Arktis says:

    Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin.

  34. proofNOTtruth says:

    GHAZNI – The gunmen came at night to drag Mohammed Halim away from his home, in front of his crying children and his wife begging for mercy.
    The 46-year-old schoolteacher tried to reassure his family that he would return safely.

    But his life was over.

    He was partly disembowelled and then torn apart with his arms and legs tied to motorbikes. The remains were put on display as a warning to others against defying Taleban orders to stop educating girls.

    Halim is one of four teachers killed in rapid succession by the Islamists at Ghazni, a strategic point on the routes from Kabul to the south and east which has become the scene of fierce clashes between the Taleban and United States and Afghan forces….

    At the village of Qara Bagh, Halim’s family is distraught and terrified. His cousin, Ahmed Gul, shook his head. “They killed him like an animal. No, no. We do not kill animals like that. They took away a father and a husband, they had no pity. We are all very worried. Please go now, you see those men standing over there? They are watching. It is dangerous for you, and for us.”

    Fatima Mustaq, the director of education at Ghazni, has had repeated death threats, the notorious ‘night letters’. Her gender, as well as her refusal to send girls home from school, has made her a hate figure for Islamist zealots. “I think they killed him that way to frighten us, otherwise why make a man suffer so much? Mohammed Halim and his family were good friends of ours and we are very, very upset by what has happened. He came to me when the threats first began and asked what he should do. I told him to move somewhere safe. I think he was trying to arrange that when they came and took him.”

    The threats against Mushtaq also extend to her husband Sayyid Abdul and their eight children. “When the first letters arrived, I tried to hide them from my husband. But then he found the next few. He said we must stand together. We talked, and we decided that we must tell the children, so that they can be prepared. But it is not a good way for them to grow up.”

    During the Taleban’s rule she and her sister ran secret schools for girls at their home. “They found out and raided us. We managed to persuade them that we were only teaching the Koran. But they spied and found out we were teaching algebra. So they came and beat us. Can you imagine, beating someone for teaching algebra.”

  35. shagrath says:

    disciple is a dick wsat about priests that rape kids man are they the ones who should teach us how to be rightchous and shit man u need a life. and don mock satan he will use his voodoo powers on u ha ha , god lost in a hail of gunfire

  36. Jon says:

    Just wanted to add my little say, which is that I agree wholeheartedly with the many other people who have said that your site rocks, and that think you are very brave to start it. Good luck to you!

  37. william says:

    It has never ceased to amaze me that while the (so called), christian right,(which is neither), claims the infallability of the bible as “the word of God”, it,the bible, was written over hundreds of years, by hundreds of,men(mostly),AND…HOW MANY VERSIONS OF THIS SUPPOSED,WORD OF GOD IS THERE??? So called christians, this means you ,disciple, can’t even agree amongst themselves as to something that should be SO IMPORTANT,that it shouldn’t be messed with…. in my experiences of pointing this out to them ,they try to cover by claiming it as “inspired” by god…showing thier contempt for ALL OTHER FAITHS, (sic), why couldn’t god inspire Budda,or early native americans,or anyone else… christians…Christ is puking his guts out at what you’ve done to this beautiful planet in his name, you psychotic f**ks… thank you for a great site!! feel free to contact me anytime, and ,disciple…steer clear of me….

  38. Jean says:

    I’ve added you to bloglines subscriptions and I’m adding you to my site tonight.

  39. nathan says:


  40. sidfaiwu says:

    That’s 90% of prayers, the spiritual equivalent of spam. I’m sure God has a very good filter so he never has to hear this meaningless drivel.

  41. alcari says:

    sid, you just made my day :)

  42. boris says:

    lol… and it was in all caps… classic.

  43. sidfaiwu says:

    Thanks, but I can’t take credit for this joke. I got it from episode 4 of Mr. Deity.

  44. Pookie says:

    I just read through all these posts for the first time. Love the site, fun postings. The ravings of Disciple are choice.

  45. Adventure says:

    Great post, thanks for the info

  46. Interesting post over again. Thumbs up=)

  47. You completed certain good points there. I did a search on the subject and found the majority of folks will go along with with your blog.

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