Help Get Religious Freaks On Google

Since Religious Freaks inception in October of 2005, the site has been picked up by every major search engine with the exception of Google. All attempts to get listed have proved futile much to my dismay. I am calling upon my readers to lend me a helping hand. If you run a website, I ask that you please put a link to on your links page. This will greatly aid Religious Freaks in getting Google to recognize it.

Of course, no good deed will go unrewarded. As a token of thanks, I am offering my first born son to the person who links to my site with the highest Google PageRank. But I warn you that he’s 2 and quite a handful. And his potty training skills are not perfect. Other than that, he’s a real joy and will provide many years of hard labor. Of course if you just want me to link to your site, then that’s no problem either :)

If you’re interested, please leave a comment below or use the Contact page if you want some privacy for whatever reason. Thanks for your help!

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