Question 1

QUESTION: There’s a growing trend young adults becoming active recruiters. The use of peer pressure and training has lead to the so-called “para-ministers” mostly working their way into social circles in schools and such. I’d go so far as to say a lot of these people are also quite skilled at dealing with arguments against creationism. I feel it’s just sophisticated brainwashing but I’m sure you have a interesting angle on it.

- So what’s your opinion of young evangelicals today? -Revlic

ANSWER: Their faith is as fickle as any other popular trend that they decide to adopt.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was among the ranks of the young people who were determined to change the world. For the most part, this fervor only lasts until the music is over and the exciting frenzy of charismatic camps, services and “revivals” has faded away. The frantic “We’ve got to save everyone!” mindset usually goes by the wayside once the person is away from those who encourage him to be that way. For those who try to stand out and be different, it doesn’t seem to be so much to be a good “Witness”, but rather for the attention it garners. Those who are “persecuted for their faith” get a boost in self-esteem, as well as near martyr status among their Christian peers. As long as the hype and attention is there, they will continue to follow the teachings of the Christian community…and it becomes much more likely that they will carry these ideas into adulthood. That is why you see more and more charismatic churches, camps, concerts and revivals popping up. They want to keep them excited so they will stay hooked. –deletedsoul

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