Question 6

QUESTION: If you feel, as Sid said, that you’ve been lied to, what was the lie? -Scott

ANSWER: I do not feel that it is a lie so much as a willing delusion. When you are in that lifestyle, it truly feels that there is no other lifestyle that could ever be acceptable. Regardless if you were raised to believe it (which is brainwashing, in my opinion), you feel that you made the choice of your own free will. As an Evangelical, it’s not an option; it’s the only option. –deletedsoul

3 Responses to “Question 6”

  1. Shaze says:

    I think deep down people know they are being fed bullshit; I feel the same way when someone tries to explain something to me I don’t understand.

    The same “morals/intuition” that Religions teach, let’s you know when you are being confused or lied to by the teacher. You may accept it then; but deep down the seed of doubt is starting to grow.

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