Question 11

Question: I’m curious about this particular statement, “…original form of Christianity, i.e. Christianity as it existed before it was corrupted by additions of such superstitions as miracles, prophecies, and the doctrine of the Trinity.” Could you explain this please? –Weakness Is Power

Answer: Well the Trinity came to be because of the First Council of Nicaea, in which by only a simple majority, Jesus was declared as a divine being and not, as believed by some early Christians, a man that held divine message.  Some early Christian’s did not hold to the idea of miracles and simply viewed Jesus’ significance as the removal of the Jewish Temple system, in which a select few held sway over the salvation of the people and large edifices were created, at the expense and labor of the common man, to honor god.  The prophecies of the New Testament are traceable only back to the first century, putting them at least 70 years into the existence of the sect.

Almost predictably, after achieving some measure of power, much of Christianity has fallen right back into the old way of doing things.  Their founder was voted (emphasis: VOTED) to be a divine being.  The temple system is back in full swing.  Look around America.  We have temples (now called mega-churches) that would make Solomon blush and cry at the ego and hubris.  And of course there are the almost yearly changes to the interpretation of the prophecies of the end times to fit the newest things occurring in the world.  Want an example of that?  Watch the original Omen, and then watch the new one.  Both have very different takes on the Heralds of the Anti-Christ’s coming.

The point here is that Christian Deists feel that a large to-do has be placed on things that really aren’t that important to the core values of Christianity.  These being the love of your fellow man, peace and goodwill, and the ability for every person regardless of their affiliation to the temples to be awarded salvation.

Brian Humanistic Jones

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