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Question: How can I meet more Deists? –sidfaiwu

Answer: I’ve found that many of the deists I’ve met didn’t have any clue that they were.  Like me early on in my travels towards deism, they felt that there was a metaphysical aspect to the world and that a higher causality and soul would exist.  The best way to meet them is to talk with people.  You will find that there are a massive number of people that fit the Constructive Christian Deist example, finding the bible as a literal work to be an absurd notion and choosing to believe in the messages of peace and love for all people that can be found in it.  Some people (that unfortunately by a lot of polls are classified as Un-churched Christians) are more towards the Critical end but still fit as Constructive Deists.  I think the greatest strategy is to find a way to just claim oneself as deist in a conversation and be prepared for the questions to role in, and be really prepared for how many people will say "Wait… I do that mean I’m a Deist too?"

Brian Humanistic Jones

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  1. Pseudonym says:

    The more I think about it, the more I suspect that I might be a Postmodern Christian with Slight Deist Leanings. As Michael Shermer pointed out, to believe that many of the stories in the Bible are literal recordings of history is to completely miss their point. (Who cares what Moses did? What I should do is far more important.) But I do think there’s more in the Bible than a vague general message of peace and love for everyone, though of course, that’s there too.

  2. Gale Sibille says:

    It is nice to see views which generate perception and are advantageous anyway.

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