Question 8

Question: If you believe in souls, when do you believe that they come into existence or become attached to the human meatsack? –Your Father

Answer: Good question, I like this one.  I’m a bit of a Pandeist in believing in the eternality of the soul, and feel them to be more of an extension of the higher causality.  When they attach is hard to determine, but it really would not matter.  By my views, the question of when they attach to the body and what that means as far as our morality is about the same as asking what the percentage of cows born with black spots is and how this relates to how tasty they are.  The soul is more of a meta-connection and what really matters is when the mind begins to contemplate its existence and its importance.  The hard atheist will conclude that the soul means nothing in the grand scheme of things and they do without exploring it.  This is in no way wrong.  To that person the soul is a useless construct.  The only time I would feel this to be dangerous, is if the person believes that since there is no supernatural, there is no need for morality (the bad atheists that take to it not as a philosophy, but as an affront to previously held religious convictions).  To the revealist, the soul is the all-important and everything must be done to cultivate it.  This is also valid, though it can lead to the dangerous conclusion that everything but the soul is sacrificial in its name (which we see every day from religious extremists).  To my beliefs, the soul is there no matter what a person thinks about it and their thoughts on it really wouldn’t mean anything one way or the other.

Brian Humanistic Jones

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  1. Naery says:

    ‘Sir, God was an unneeded variable in my work.’ – Laplace (great mathematician, from Napoleon’s time if i remember correctly?

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