Questions 12-13

Question: Do deists believe god takes an active role in human affairs? –Elliott
Question: Assuming a yes answer to the first question, why would an omnipotent being care about a life form so far below it? –Elliott

Answer: That is a good question.  So far, I have met no deist that believes the higher causality takes any notice of what we do.  We are talking about a being that wrote the laws of physics and chemistry from the ground up; a being that spun up an entire universe, and maybe more.  Why would one assume that this entity would even think anything like us?  It may notice us, may even occasionally turn a perception-related construct towards one of use out of curiosity.  However, with a consciousness like that, what do our thoughts on it really matter?  We cannot even fully understand the universe around us yet.  So I doubt that our ideas of “help” and “interaction” would look at all like this being’s concepts of them (if it has them at all to begin with).

Brian Humanistic Jones

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  1. Naery says:


    ‘If lightning is God’s tool, then God is mostly concerned with trees.’ – I think it’s Lao Tsu?

  2. Your Father says:

    The very curious thing I’m noticing about you deists is that you pretty much believe nothing, except that a god created the universe. This really has no bearing on our lives on way or another, except for the fact that you believe in souls and an afterlife. This is the one thing that separates the reasonable religious (deists) from the agnostics/atheists. Have you guys (humanistic, sidfaiwu, and any other deists here) ever considered that the only reason you are deists is because you want an afterlife? Perhaps you could explain to me what reason you really have for believing in an after life, because I just don’t understand it. If you have the time, please read this very thought provoking paper and get back to me.


  3. sidfaiwu says:

    Hello Your Father,

    I’m at work, so I’ll read the linked article as time permits. I can, however, clarify my flavor of Deism. I cannot speak for Humanistic, but I actually do not believe in a sole. In fact, I find the term ‘sole’ to be ill-defined and even devoid of meaning in most contexts. I also do not believe in an afterlife per-se. Indeed, I find this term to be a misnomer. At the moment of death, time ceases to have any meaning. Thus ‘after’ life has no meaning for the deceased person. I do hope for non-temporal existence, but my reasons for hoping are highly speculative and private. I never present these hopes as truth.

    The two main guiding principles in my life are to learn and discover truth. I do not believe in God because I desire that God exists or that I get to have an afterlife. I believe in God because reason and nature compel me to believe. You are right, though, God’s existence has no impact on my day-to-day life. Furthermore, I know next to nothing about the nature of God. Again, I have hopes, but I won’t ever suggest that my hopes represent truth.

    I hope that clarifies. I’ll be sure to read the article and respond at a later time.

  4. sidfaiwu says:

    Haha, woops! I meant ‘soul’, not ‘sole’. I’m quite sure that the sole of my foot exists!

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