Questions 17-18

Question: Jesus said that his miracle would be like Jonah. Jonah was buried in the stomach of the whale for three days and Jesus was buried in the earth for three days. It’s known that Jonah didn’t die, so how do you think Jesus being crucified (which mean dead) and he said I will be like Jonah? –Mohamed

: Jesus as you claim was crucified on Friday and then Mary went on Sunday, and she didn’t find him in his grave, which with counting it’s not three days. Do you still believe that Jesus was crucified? –Mohamed

Answer: In no way meaning to cop out on these questions, but as I fall into the realm of the Critical deists, I do not follow the belief of the divinity and prophecy of Jesus.  While it is possible that there was a historical Jesus of Nazareth, the man described in the bible is not him.  The bible in fact, gives two marker events for Jesus’ time of birth that lay 10 years apart.  That’s not the kind of discrepancy I think you’re allowed when speaking of the birth of the savior of the world.

To extend it further, I do not believe in the Messianic concept either.  For there to be a man chosen of god to do his will, god would have to have a will that was understandable by the frame of the human mind.  This hardly seems like something that is achievable.

Brian Humanistic Jones

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  1. Naery says:

    You forgot to mention that God would have to have a will at all actually…

  2. A very true statement Naery. Its a bad assumption to assume that the concept of will as we know it applies to such a being.

  3. Mohamed says:

    God has its will, but what the wisdom of doing everything by himself, remember we are in test, so God wouldn’t push his will on you to believe, Belife is different than seeing.

    God says in Quran which I know you don’t even believe in it, that he would make all of humanbeing believers if he wants, but he will not, to see who is true believer and who is not.

    I’m sorry if I directed the wrong question for you, I thought you beleive in Jesus.

  4. Outsider says:

    Their’s a line from a Larry Niven book that would apply here… “Protectors have instincts to protect their offspring and intelligence beyond anything you can imagine. That doesn’t leave much room for free will.”

    Even if God has free will, can He use it?

  5. J says:


    you say “Jesus as you claim was crucified on Friday and then Mary went on Sunday, and she didn’t find him in his grave, which with counting it’s not three days.” You are using the western method reckoning, 24 hours in a day. this was not the case in biblical/hebrew times. When Christ was saying this, everybody understood that any part of a day was included in the reckoning of time. Wordage for time was undoutebly completely different backk then when “day” was only considered the “day-time” not a 24 four periods. This explains it better.

  6. Mohamed says:

    Jesus curcified after noon, so you mean Friday don’t count.

    The other thing where is the similarity between Jonah and Jesus if Jesus died?

    At this time the time was the jeswis time, which fridat afternoon considered as Saturday, if you want to know better, you can watch the video for Ahmaed Deedat against one of the Chrisitian preists, you can google it and if you can’t get it , I will help you find it.

    Thank you

  7. J says:


    Any part of the day was considered a day.

    I don’t think you read what i wrote. since you do not have the “video” this is there is a problem. You are basing your arguments on gospel accounts from the Bible. If you read the article i just posted, the author uses other Bible passages to show that any fraction of the day is considered a day.

  8. Mohamed says:

    J, here are the videos links, this guy is expert and you will find in the video two people knows better than me and you and see how he put the evidence from the Bible not from the Quran, and I think you wouldn’t even check it, but I will put the links if that’s what you want.

    I paid my promise, it’s your turn to listen to the videos.

    Thank you

  9. Mohamed says:

    I can’t believe tha Gasonmo put moderation on my comment, I never insulted any body, not like other say the F and S and others words.

  10. gasmonso says:

    Mohamed, I don’t manually put moderation on comments. I have a spam filter that automatically quarantines posts with too many links. Once I review the comment, I approve it and all is well in the universe.

    I do this because I get over 100 spams everyday :(


  11. Mohamed says:

    Sorry man, I figured that out after I said my last post, I knew it was about the links, sorry for that.

    Thank you

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