Question 23

Question: What are your views on the big bang and quantum physics? –aaron

Answer: First off, even though it is not 100% proven, there is a lot of evidence in support of the Big Bang theory. As a matter of fact there is much evidence supporting the Big Bang than any other theory, including creationism. I cannot possibly scratch the surface on the details of the Big Bang as I am just a little software engineer who blogs about religion and reads a lot about science. I suggest people of all faiths do your research and see what humanity has indeed learned and continues to learn.

As for quantum physics or quantum mechanics, that is a relatively new science and has only been around for about 75 years. I have done some reading and I find it absolutely fascinating and extremely mind-boggling at the same time. And from what I can gather, the theories and findings change frequently as technology allows us to peer deeper into our world.

If anyone knows of some good internet resources or books, please share them with us. But like the Big Bang, people of all faiths should read what they can about this field.


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  1. Alcari says:

    well, I can point to wikipedia.

    Also, try “the universe in a nutshell” or “a brief history of time” by Hawking.
    The second being a bit lighter then the first, both offer a pretty good “dummy’s guide to the universal physics”

  2. bill farty says:

    recently some experimentation has been suggested to show that by the concept of quantum entanglement, you can send information back in time.

  3. sidfaiwu says:

    I’ll read the article last year…

  4. Announcer – And its down to a quantum finish! And the winnier is…. number 84!

    Dr. Farnsworth – You Fool! You’ve changed the outcome by observing it!

  5. Alcari says:

    “Quantum juction coming up ahead”
    “Get in both lanes”

    anyway….The time travel thingy is a bit dubious, as you can’t travel further back then the point at which you began the experiment, and you can’t observe the target particle in the past, as it will change the outcome. You can only read it until after you send it……..

    It’s like sending a message a hundred years into the past, but you can’t read it until a hundred years or else it will never have been sent.

  6. Buy eBooks with Resell Rights says:

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