Question 30

Question: Would you allow your daughter marry you son? –Mohamed

Answer: Ummm, no. –gasmonso

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  1. Arktis says:

    What kind of f*&@ed up question is that?!

  2. Mohamed says:

    Why not? if you don’t believe in any religion, what would prohibit that? and let make the question better, if you want to answer that marraiage doesn’t get healthy babies, would let you son make love to your daughter with getting childern?

    Don’t get offended with my question, but it could happen and I don’t what would you tell your son if he desired to do so, what would be your reason for telling him no?

    Did Darwin say that in his theory? and I might don’t know.

    Please Gasonmo answer my question with out dodging it, I didn’t dodge any question I have been asked, I just want to understand how you people thinking and where are you trying to take the humunity to?


  3. boris says:


    it is well documented that such kind of breeding is going to produce defective offspring. ofcourse that would have been observed a long time ago, way before the bible and your “holy” book. honestly mohamed, you are playing into our hand quite nicely. i only wish you would try to put up more of a fight. this way you are making it way too easy for people like me who are just begging for a complete annihilation of your culture.

  4. Mohamed says:

    I said without getting childern, would you allow your son make love to your daughter, do you want me to be more specfic, the scince gives us gift, that you can make love without getting childern, would you allow it?

    Should I repeat my self for million time?

  5. Your Father says:

    actually you said “with getting childern”

    as for the question itself, I’d have to say that if that’s really what they wanted (and they were over the age of consent) and they made absolutely sure not to reproduce, then there really isn’t a reason not to allow it aside from the social stigma.

  6. Arktis says:

    Mohamed, your question is based on the idea that all morality comes from your god, Allah. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. There are plenty of perfectly nice people who’ve never even read one word of the Koran and and have no knowledge about your religion or your god. They aren’t all running around in complete chaos and sin screwing their sisters, are they?

    People don’t need to worship your god, Allah, to keep from having sex with their siblings. Unless of course, they are totally retarded and need fear of punishment and/or the promise of reward to keep them from misbehaving. Otherwise, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s not exactly a good idea to have sex with their sister. On the other hand, a little sexual education and common sense are at least a minimum requirement.

    Basically I am saying that people don’t need your religion for morality. Not as long as they have knowledge and wisdom, which are far better than any religion because they enable you to actually think for yourself.

  7. gasmonso says:

    Mohamed, how would you like me to elaborate more?


  8. Naery says:

    As myself, I do have an opinion on that subject:

    We oftenh see movies, stories and such about sibling love, not always the same ending but read on. Those relationsship are classified as:

    1 – Brother and sister, never saw each other until they were 20.

    2 – Brother and adopted sister, live together with their parents.

    3 – Boy with best friend girl, lived all their childhood together, as neighbors.

    The way I see it, we have two kind of dilemma here; the reproduction and the emotionnal baggage.

    With the reproduction, number 2 and 3 are ok and number 1 should at least renounce having children.

    With the emotionnal baggage, number 2 and 3 ARE emotionnaly siblings and should not really see each others are potential mates. But number 1 are perfect strangers, and should have no problems getting emotionnal over each others.

    We do not have ‘magical’ safeguards against incest or such, only relation casuallity.

    The way I see it, the only REAL problem with ALL of thoses is the ossible problems in the offspring. And really, not all incestuous offspring will be deformed or retarded, only a small portion and that should be detectable with DNA testing. Or just adopt, or get an egg/sperm donor.

    To religious people who read this, just try to realise where, in my text, did you stop agreeing and when did the religious ideas got you against all this. Because of course, it’s evil and since it’s evil it’s immoral and such. God wants loveless and sexless marriage, not happy and unusual marriages.

    P.s.: Animal DO have naturally incuring incestuous behavior, not only between siblings but across generations.

  9. matt says:

    gasmonso, i think you could have saved some time by not answering crap like this.

  10. Mohamed says:


    I really think it’s rediclous, every time I read what you write I know you contradict yourself, where is the freedom of opinion, if he shouldn’t answer my question.

    You show me day after day how stupid you are, so please shut up if you don’t have opinion to say.

  11. Mohamed says:


    I have the same argument here, nice people could be stupid people if they are raised in a viloent enviroment with exceptions, if you were raised in Africa, where they can kill easy, you might kill so easy to do, so don’t assume every situation based on your experince.

  12. matt says:

    Mohamed, you asked the man if he would let his children marry and sex with each other. Do you not see how stupid that is?

  13. gasmonso says:

    Ok, everyone calm down now. Mohamed, I answered no to your question. Would you like me to elaborate more on why? Is that what you really wanted to ask?


  14. Mohamed says:

    I want to hear your answer personnly, I’m asking for your answer, I know some other people answer, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t accurate enough in my question, I want to know the reason why you said no, and to be accurate, would you let your childern having sex with each other with out getting childern?


    It could happen, the only thing that prohibit that is relgion, and if you don’t have religion why do you think it’s stupid, it’s the same thind with gay people.
    All religions think it’s wrong and you think it’s ok, so can you see it could be the same?

    I used to argue with you matt, so please don’t put restriction in my opinion, and you know what, I would like you know your opinion too about this issue.

  15. sidfaiwu says:

    “the only thing that prohibit that (under age incest) is religion.”

    Again, Mohamed, I’ll have to call bullshit on you. Here is a list of the most atheistic countries in the world. Included in that list is Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Finland, and France. By your reasoning, these countries would allow under age incest would be acceptable in those cultures. Yet, like the world around, it is not accepted nor is it legal. Obviously, something other than religion prohibits the behavior.

    More likely, we have evolved our incest taboo. From the article:

    “…the incest taboo is one of the clearest illustrations of how a moral rule can be explained by a Darwinian view of human biological nature.”

    Basically, incest often result in non-viable offspring and is thus a genetic dead-end. The likelihood of the mother’s death during childbirth before modern medicine made incest even less desirable, genetically speaking. Thus, a genetic incest taboo would be advantageous to our species.

    I know you, like most religious people, cannot imagine morality without religion, but clearly morality does not depend on religion. This is evident because of the existence of moral, atheistic cultures such as Japan, which has the world’s lowest crime rate and is the fifth most atheistic culture (between about 65% of the populous).

  16. Alcari says:

    I apoligise in advance for anything, sometimes one must make some non-standard remarks to elaborate a certain standpoint. for the record family members should not, under any circumstance pursue any kind of sexual relation.

    basically, if they have no children there’s, in an absolute, objective fashion, nothing wrong with them having sex (Gasp, shock)

    HOWEVER, there such things as social ristrictions and social problems with this. That and several thousands of years worth of genetic memory make this bad.

    Mohamed is right about about the fact that there is nothing wrong with borther and sister ‘enjoying’ themselves. Take for example the roman times, where sex between brother and sister, mother and son, or even two brothers wasn’t strange at all.

    However, times HAVE changed and it is no longer socially acceptable to do this. Just like it is no longer socially acceptable to not wear pants, even though there’s no good reason for it.

  17. gasmonso says:

    Anyone seen Caligula?? Anyways… I look at it from my own perspective of having 2 sisters. The very thought of doing the tango with them is disgusting because of our close relationship. It’s just weird. It’s my sister! LOL.

    But I do know one thing… God has nothing to do with my decision to not take a roll in the hay with them. It’s just my views and the pressures of society. Now one can argue if society is influenced by God, but I can only speak for myself.

  18. Tommy says:

    So, are your sisters hot?

  19. gasmonso says:

    LOL, I am done talking about my sisters especially in this light. Thank you and good day ;)


  20. Your Father says:

    I’ll take that as a yes =P

  21. matt says:

    “All religions think it’s wrong and you think it’s ok”
    One, i dont know where you got the idea that i approve of incest, and sidfaiwu already explained the problems with it. Secondly, Iv always been curious about Christianity, if everything started with adam and eve, then their children had to have sex to continue mankind. Now…lets get back to those hot sisters gasmonso was talking about.

  22. Naery says:

    Wow, talk about a case of culture-blindness.

    All of you start by asserting that incest is bad then argue about it being the realm of religion or instinct to say it’s bad.


  23. sidfaiwu says:

    Hello Naery,

    All that you did in your last post is insult everyone else without adding anything constructive to the discussion. Why post at all? Is that it makes you feel better to put others down? No. It couldn’t be that since, clearly, you know what’s ‘sad’ when you see it.

  24. Shaze says:


    What the hell good is the Internet if you can’t use it to anonymously flame people at will? Well, that and pr0n.

    Ahh the seperation of Church n State. I personally LOVE anal sex and promote it’s usefulness far and wide. I mean come on, what’s so wrong about drilling your sister in the ass? She won’t get pregnant and you’ll FEEL better afterwards; Oh wait! The uncomfortable breakfasts that would follow, I get it now.

    But personally, I would allow my kids to explore their own sexuality, IN ANY FUCKING WAY THEY CHOSE TO.

  25. Arktis says:

    I wouldn’t. For starters, it’s psychologically unhealthy to have a habit that is socially unacceptable. And then there’s the problem of the possibility of pregnancy. Yikes.

    In short, there are certainly many reasons NOT to allow your children to even contemplate such things. Religion is not required, but of course some people are just “special” in the head, and so they need fables about invisible forces and people in magical realms in order to keep them from doing things everyone else can figure out not to do (with decent parenting and proper education).

  26. Alcari says:

    Tommy Says:
    November 20th, 2006 at 11:34 am

    So, are your sisters hot?”"

    I think you’re on the wrong site here….

    Erm, I somehow get the feeling my whole Social breeding post is being totally ignored, so i’ll point upwards.

  27. Betelgeuse says:

    There is no problem with allowing siblings to explore their sexuality together, and, thanks to the 6 BILLION people on the earth, I see no problem with letting them marry and possibly suffer genetically-inviable offspring.

    However, for the sake of convenience, once both start puberty, any sexual relationship they have must be more carefully controlled to prevent pregnancy.

    Here’s a problem that everyone in the world has: sexuality starts early, very very early(pre-pubescent early). Society says sexuality starts when you marry.


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