Question 31

Question: Do you think that Muslims are the root of all evil, and do you think there is no extremist atheist? –Mohamed

Answer: Oh boy, looks like an opportunity to get more death threats ;) Just kidding!

But seriously, Islam to me is just another religion. Christians like to bash Islam for being violent, when they forget how violent the early years of Christianity were. People like to bash Islam for it’s treatment of women, yet fail to remember that women in the Christian dominated US were only allowed to vote in the last century. Women were expected to stay home and breed rather than go to college and have a career or pursue their own interests. This has only recently changed in the US. Look at the hatred towards blacks and homosexuals in the US. The list goes on.

As far as I can tell Mohamed, Islam is not the ONLY root of all evil, so is Christianity :) As for Atheists being extreme, of course there are. Take a look at Stalin. But please don’t say that Hitler was an Atheist. He was a Roman Catholic. Read more about that here.


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  1. Yeti says:

    Atheist extremist: “IN THE NAME OF QUANTUM MECHANICS” *bang*


  2. sidfaiwu says:

    Nope, Atheist extremist: “You believe it God? THEN DIE!”

  3. sidfaiwu says:

    Correction: “You believe in God?” Damn Typos.

  4. Arktis says:

    “Quantum Mechanics is in conflict with General Relativity! We must declare war in the name of almighty Science!!!”

    Hahahaha XD

  5. Mohamed says:

    May be in the name of the devil who drives your twisted mind.

  6. Arktis says:


  7. Naery says:

    With this definition of evil, i’d say basically all humans ARE evil, to varying degrees. Religious and other extreme ideologies are just ways to justify and/or amplify those evil pulsions.

    Atheism only win by a small fraction; we follow no idiotic book.

    We do follow plenty other things, but at least, atheists are only as evil as they are, we do not get the additionnal religion-fuelled evil.


  8. Alcari says:

    well, i guess Evilness is spread evenly among the population, so the percentage of ‘evil’ christians is about equal to that of muslims or atheiests.

    Also, stop insulting my non-religion damnit!


  9. Arktis says:

    Well, since there is a devil driving my “twisted mind” as Mohamed so intelligently pointed out, I have to agree.

    Hail darkness.

  10. I Are says:

    “Quantum Mechanics is in conflict with General Relativity! We must declare war in the name of almighty Science!!!”

    No anymore, string theory tights them together.

  11. Shaze says:


    All this talk about extreme Athiests has kind made me feel well, guilty. I mean, I HATE religion and it’s followers, probably a bit too much. I giggle when I read about something horrible happening to religions or their sheeple. But then I think to myself, WWJD?

  12. Arktis says:

    I Are, sting theory and M theory are still unproven. That’s why they are called theories. Sure, it’s elegant and ingenious math. The jury is still out, though.

  13. I Are says:

    That is exactly why I sad String Theory. I just love science. The weirder and incomprehensible science is better.

  14. Alcari says:

    Well, I say the Allied Atheist Aliance is the best, far better then the United Atheist Alliance.

    I Are is right (wow, that is one wrong sentence) string theory does bind them together. emphasize ‘Theory’

  15. GRIM says:

    Stalin doesn’t really qualify either. He made ‘communism’ into a personality cult influenced heavily by his upbringing in a seminary. The killings under Stalin had precious little to do with Atheism.

  16. I Are says:

    GRIM is right. As I spend some 10 years of My life under Communistic regime, I concur, it was made to be a Religion. But lets not to forget about comrade Lenin, he is personally responsible for exterminating almost all intelligence in what to be Soviet Russia. And for what reason, just to avenge his brother? Lenin was way scary then Stalin and Hitler put together.

  17. Mohamed says:

    So why don’t you say that killing under Usama Bin Laden has little to do with Islam, or is it one way?

  18. Arktis says:

    Ossama bin Laden has a cult. Stalin and Lenin had what’s known as a “cult of personality” ( ).

    Ossama bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin, the Pope, Joe Smith, and a bunch of other infamous and famous religious and secular leaders all have one thing in common: they all occupy and have occupied the same mental blind spot in people; the part of the brain that just doesn’t do critical thinking. That part of the human mind is what all major religions owe their success to. The mere fact that a few secular leaders here and there managed to exploit it only goes to show how bad the problem is, and how the need for critical thinking is so important.

  19. I Are says:

    Cause Usama Bin Laden been killing in the name of Allah. I never heard anyone killing in the name of atheism or agnosticism. Have you?

  20. Arktis says:


  21. Mohamed says:

    So what if Usama killed by the name of Gasonmo:), should we blame Gasonmo?

  22. Arktis says:

    That’s not even remotely clever. It just shows you’re willing to be petty and not stick to the issue.

    We’re obviously not blaming your god, who may or may not exist. We’re blaming religions and cults and the people who are foolish enough to follow them. You know, people who we actually know exist and do these horrible things which are derived from religions, one of which you follow.

    So no.

  23. Andrew says:

    Let’s say Gasmonso came down and gave a book of scripture to Bob, and Bob started a religion. Then Gasmonso refused to give any more scripture and guidance to his religion. Then after hundreds of years Bob’s religion had splintered into several groups (who all think they are right, but can’t tell because Gasmonso refuses to return and help them). One of these groups in led by Steve who issues an religious edict to kill people from Prance until Prance stops supporting Newconsin. Gasmonso still refuses to tell him that that’s not what he wants.

    Now should we blame Gasmonso for the killing of the people of Prance?

    *Prance and Newconsin are fictional places.

  24. Mohamed says:

    How could you know that Usama Bin Laden is a religious man, is it because he said so?, and if he said so, do you think he is trust-worthy to beleive what he says.

    Usama Bin Laden serves his goals, he doesn’t serve the Islam by any way.

    My point in the previous comment, that you stick what you want to Islam and if there is something good about Islam, you ignore it, and you insist that Usama Bin Laden is the official representitive for Islam.

    My comment about Gasonom was just joke and make fun of somebody silly comment like all of you do.

    Thank you,

  25. matt says:

    mohamed, the problem is that islam gives osama an excuse. He can take excerpts the quran and use them as a reason to carry out terrorist attacks. christians could probably do the same if they really wanted to, they use it to justify hating gays. What on this website can do anything like that? Take away religion, and take away one more excuse for assholes to kill other people.

  26. Mohamed says:


    You misunderstood me, I don’t give him excuse, I wish if he didn’t exist even, I got tired of sticking what he does to Islam, but when it comes to Stalin, sure enought it has nothing to do with Ethiesm.

    I didn’t know about Usama Bin Lade till he did what he did, he wasn’t that know in Middle East.

    My point here, bad people exist every where, I see some ethiest here talking like extremist in Egypt, the same tone and the same language.

    Thank you Matt I hope you got my point.

  27. Arktis says:

    Mohamed, you do not understand. I will help you to.

    Atheism doesn’t have a holy book. Atheism doesn’t have an invisible man in the sky to worship. Atheism doesn’t have weird supernatural beliefs that demand we do stupid and violent things in the name of some invisible being.

    You can’t blame atheism for Stalin’s actions. Atheism doesn’t demand blind faith or have superstitions or scriptures that can be interpreted different ways or anything remotely like them.

    Religions DO have these things, and people like Osama bin Laden use them to get ideas and followers for very horrible things. So it’s perfectly valid to criticize religion for this. It’s NOT valid to to say atheism is the same or to blame it for the actions of people like Stalin, because I have just showed you how they are fundamentally different.

    Atheism is not like a religion. Now you know why.

  28. Andrew says:

    My point is different entirely. If God exists then he is to blame.

    If I made a fake police bage and forged a warrant and busted into someone’s house claiming to do is in the name of “US Homeland Security” you would be sure that the US Government would come down on me hard. They would arrest me and lock me up. They would not just say, “He doesn’t really represent the US and people should just know that and ignore it.” No, they would jump in and do something about the misrepresentation of their name. And if they did not, and I hurt someone while pretending to be a US official, you can bet that the US Govt would be sued and found guilty of negligence for not stopping me.

    Why doesn’t Allah do the same. If Osama is misrepresenting him, why doesn’t Allah step in an put an end to it? If Allah exists his is guilty of gross negligence.

    I do not blame Allah for Osama’s killing, because I do not believe that Allah exists.

  29. Mohamed says:

    My friend, if you red the Bible or the Torah, god had his miracles, but these mircales in not going to happen any more, the miracles stoped after the Quran came down. God can change what ever he wants, God changes by his will. God gives the Jewish a lot of miracles and yet didn’t change them, they askes Moses to see him.

    I think if God changes every thing, there would be need for us, we can change things to better.

    For Mr.Artiks, I think Ethiest doesn’t have a God, that’s why it’s even worse, they don’t have values, Stalin would kill because he has no values, he didn’t fear any body, he thought he has all the power and no body can beat him, and you can find the same story with even Muslims and Christian and Jews, they forget that there are god and god make them forget them self, example Saddam Hussien.

  30. Arktis says:

    First you complained that Atheism is like a religion. Now you’re complaining because it’s not like a religion since it has no values.

    Atheists must decide for themselves what is okay and what is not okay. This is not really a problem for a normal, rational person. Just because you can’t understand how the process of arriving at reasonable moral values in the absence of a belief in God/Allah/Yahweh works, it does not mean that it is wrong. People do not suddenly become evil monsters because they have no belief in a god.

    To have decent values, you do not require a religion. Some people chose to get their moral values from religion, and some do not. I know it’s difficult for you to accept that, because I have already explained how this works twice before and others on this site have also explained it to you, yet you still apparently do not understand.

    And please, stop bringing up Stalin. Stalin didn’t get his values from atheism, and I have already made very clear to you. Atheism cannot be blamed for what Stalin did because atheism has no commandments or scriptures or anything remotely like them. Atheism is simply a lack of belief in any kind of god. No more, no less. It does not tell a person what to do. What a person does or doesn’t do is up to them.

  31. Arktis says:

    Oh and one more thing: You said Stalin had no values. That is incorrect. He did have values. Every human being has values, even a baby has values. Stalin just had bad values, and once again: he did not get them from atheism because atheism doesn’t have any.


  32. Andrew says:

    I have read the Bible, but not yet the Quran. It’s on my list, but I’m a bit busy right now.

    Muslims as well as mainstream Christians both believe that God no longer has prophets or miracles (besides appearing in a piece of toast). God has abandoned his children. He gave up and decided to no longer help when his people went astray. How can you hold him blameless when people kill in his name an he does nothing about it?

  33. Shaze says:

    Yeah, so far, based on the mythological hypocrisies presented by the bible and the Quran, I would rather fight against your “god”. I’ll fight using the purest love and compassion I have ever known; and will take down your kingdom of heaven by myself. Beleive what you will about me, my family and the millions of good, decent non-believers. But know that if comes down to it, I will destroy all who seek to judge mankind.

    “May your eyes be opened to see the life you have left for heart.”

  34. Your Father says:

    “that’s why it’s even worse, they don’t have values”

    Do you honestly believe that a lack of belief in any gods relates to lack in morals/values/ethics/etc? I find this argument sickening beyond belief. It really says something about what you think of mankind. You may require a belief in god to not go around killing everyone you dislike, but I don’t, and neither do the other billion or so non-believers out there. Besides, all the statistics out there show a correlation between religion and social problems.

    Stalin did not kill because he was an atheist. He just happened to be an atheist. People of all faiths/lack of faiths kill each other, the only difference between theists and atheists is once more reason to kill each other. Theists sometimes kill because of their religion, and atheists don’t. It’s that simple.

  35. Mohamed says:

    Shaze, you can’t even do any thing, you are helpless poor person, one day you will die as every body else, and then you will be helpless, no more choices, no more internet blogs to write the experience you will have, and good luck bringing his kingdom down, I smell the Matrix movies here, Shaze, you should change your name to neo.

  36. Ulrik says:

    I would like to say something about Stalin.

    1) Stalin was not neccessary an atheist just because he was a communist.

    2) Winston Churchills book about world war II shows Stalin as a man who often in his conversations refered to God.

    3) Before Stalin became a politician, he was a priest.

    Secularized countries with a large atheist population are the best functioning societies in the world. Some of the worst places to live in the world are where priests and religious fanatics hold power.

    Believing in Gods does not automatically make a man behave nicely. If it did why were the dark ages so dark?


  37. Mohamed says:

    Ok, I have one question?, why in the bible and the Quran and the Torah, the athiest was the cruel and they were the one who kills and who slaves people and other crimes, so would some body please tell me where was the values at this time for the athiest at this time?

    I know that some people don’t beleive in neither reilgion, but I know some how you still know some of the stories are true, and if you match what the history wrote about the Pharos and what the bilble write, you should have an evidence.

    I understand and I stated before that religion might not make individual to be good or bad, but as society, it helps society to set standerd and rules to follow, what the athiesm offered, most of the laws that govs apply now didn’t exist, while it existed mostly in Islam.
    Islam talked about every thing you can imagine, about the woman and her rights befor and in and after marraiage and inhertiage, and even financial transaction, and even thing beyond your imagination.

  38. Arktis says:

    I can’t speak for the Quran, but I know that in the Bible and the Torah, the “bad guys” weren’t atheists. They were people who worshiped other gods. I don’t think atheism really existed back then. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think atheism as we know it now was a product of the Enlightenment, which happened much later all three of the Abrahamic holy books were written – after the Dark Ages of State Religions and Holy Wars and mass death and poverty and slavery.

    Back before those days, before the Abrahamic holy books were written, the main battle was about which gods you should worship. In the present, the main battle is about which of the the Abrahamic religions worships god in the proper way. It’s the same god, though. Despite what you may think, there really aren’t very many atheists or agnostics. There never has been.

    The simple truth is that there has been far more conflict between different religions than there ever has been between religion and atheism. If you look at the bible and the torah, that’s all they write about. There’s no atheism to be found anywhere.

    I know that the Quran talks about “infidels”, which I think means “non-believers”, but I take that to mean anyone who does not believe in Islam. Christians and Jews, who believe in the same god that Muslims do, are still called infidels.

    So considering all this, your claim that the atheists are the “bad guys” in the holy books sounds pretty retarded to me.

  39. whoops says:

    ^*the Enlightenment, which happened much later THAN all three of the Abrahamic holy books were written – after the Dark Ages of State Religions and Holy Wars and mass death and poverty and slavery.

  40. Your Father says:

    A book selling a belief system depicts non-believers as evil. ZOMG NO WAI!

    Seriously though, don’t rely on FACTS about current non-believers, just keep on relying on clearly unbiased information from a 2000 year old book. Makes sense to me.


  41. Andrew says:

    Exodus 21:1-4: “If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing. If he came in by himself, he shall go out by himself: if he were married, then his wife shall go out with him. If his master have given him a wife, and she have born him sons or daughters; the wife and her children shall be her master’s, and he shall go out by himself.”

    Exodus 21:7: “And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do.”

    God himself gave Moses laws endorsing slavery. The first one talks about how male slaves would be slaves for 6 years. The second makes it clear that women are slaves for life. No who is evil?

  42. Jagannath says:

    Best comparison of theist and atheist, I have seen for a while.

    ” When faithful helps a fellow man he does it out of fear of god or with expectation of reward in after life. Atheist helps a fellow man because that is the right thing to do. “

  43. Ulrik says:

    “Christians like to bash Islam for being violent, when they forget how violent the early years of Christianity were. People like to bash Islam for it’s treatment of women, yet fail to remember that women in the Christian dominated US were only allowed to vote in the last century.”


    So if a religion today used human sacrifices, we shouldnt bash them for that because we ourself used human sacrifices once?
    Gasmonso’s statement is a good example of how to stay political correct, avoid critizising Islam and still be an atheist.

  44. Mohamed says:


    There is big difference between being politcal correct and logically correct. History is there to learn from, to know that every nation has its bad days, there is no body perfect, we all have our mistakes.

  45. Ulrik says:

    Good to hear you talk about logik Mohamed. There is still hope for you :)

    Its true we must learn from our forfathers mistakes – even those who claimed they were doing Gods work as prophets.

  46. Mohamed says:


    there is always hope, I didn’t give up on you :)

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