Question 7

Question: With all the work to find articles and moderate comments for a site like this, just how much time do you spend each day managing this website? –Snurp

Answer: For the first 6 months of this site I was probably spending on average about 2-hours/day minimum. That was quite difficult too considering I have a wife, kids, and a real job. I have gotten more efficient and cut that time in half to about an hour/day or so. I remember a long time ago, I thought I could run 2-3 sites while working full-time… I was very wrong ;)

Producing a good site truly takes dedication and help from people like you.


6 Responses to “Question 7”

  1. Alcari says:

    wow, you manage a whole site in 30/mis a day? kudos to you.

  2. Arktis says:

    How many of those minutes are typically spent on pure laughter?

  3. gasmonso says:

    Actually Alcari I said about an hour or so :) I have all the comments emailed to me so it’s quick to keep up with those. The real time is spent picking an article,writing it, and picking out pictures.

    I did spend a lot of time moderating spam, but luckily I have gotten a nice spam filter to take care of the hundreds and hundreds of spam comments.


  4. Alcari says:

    “”cut that time in half to about an hour/day or so.”"
    meh, it has the word Hald and the word Hour. putting them so close make brain confused.

    Hundreds of spam messages? as in bots? or just people spamming “you 5uck”??

  5. gasmonso says:

    Spam bots I’m afraid. If it were just people writing stupidities I would be happy, but it’s hundreds and hundreds of spam bot comments :(

  6. eBooks Download says:

    I am glad that it turned out so well and I hope it will continue in the future because it is so worthwhile and meaningful to the community.

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