Questions 17-18

Question: Some of your posts seem to indicate you’d like to see a world without religion. What do you think would happen in such a world; where would people turn to for guidance (read: being told what to do) and acceptance (read: without having to do anything other than say they belong to the group)? Do you think it’s possible to have some sort of Utopian/anarchic/something society where people don’t need such institutions, or if not what kind of power structures would fill the void left by religion? –Bones
Question: How do envision your perfect world: morally, educationally and spiritually? –Agnöstic

Answer: You guys sure aren’t making it easy on me ;) To start off I would like to say that I would prefer a world without the religions that we have right now :) As for what would happen without religion, well we can look at that from two perspectives. When man first walked this crazy planet, there was no religion or knowledge of one. Eventually we developed them for various reasons. One of the main reasons I think religion came about was because of a lack of understanding for the world around us and a fear of what happens after you die. There are others such as for controlling people, but I like those.

So to me, religion is a just a necessary step that we have to climb in order to advance further as a species. It’s kinda like going from walking to riding horses to driving cars and eventually flying airplanes and then rockets. It’s a natural evolution that has to occur. I don’t believe that we could go straight to airplanes without having gone through the intermediate steps. I know its kinda weird, but bare with me. Each step of the way provides us with knowledge that will help us get over the next step. So as a species that never had religion, I think we would promptly develop one like we have.

The more interesting scenario is losing our religion and I believe this is quite possible over a great length of time. I see people becoming more spiritual and in tune with themselves, others, and our surroundings. I believe that the term "God" will eventually be seen as everything around us and not an intelligent being that will judge us… we make our own bed so to speak (think karma). I believe that all religions have some truth to them and eventually they will combine and boil down. Now take that and add it to a continual growth of knowledge and we get a more accurate understanding of our existence. Confused? So am I.

In my perfect world, we would not be limited to a set of beliefs. We will press forward both spiritually and academically and continuously shape our beliefs as we take in to account new information. I believe that people would be less dependent on "God’s love" if society as a whole would show more compassion and less violence. That would fill the vacuum of God in my opinion.

I know I’m babbling on, but please feel free to ask specific questions and I’ll answer them in the comments :)


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  1. Bones says:

    Specific… since you mentioned Stalin in another question, without religion is humanity is just as subject to retarded extremism? I know I’m not particularly educated on some matters, so forgiveness if I’m wrong, but AFAIK the only largely atheistic societies have been those under communist/facist regimes or the well off and liberal (western European nations like der Nederlanden). As for the latter, I happen to think that decent education and living standards mean people don’t need to have faith in god or country. As for the former, it indicates to me that religion is more of a symptom than a cause. And I don’t know that the answer is so much compassion as self respect (not that they’re mutually exclusive by any means).

  2. yetanotheratheist says:

    This is quite interesting.

    All religion is ideology, but not all ideology is religion.

    Capitalism, Communism, Fascism and so on are ideologies and as such identical to religion with respect to their social purposes and effects while relying on something else than the old guy in the sky but some pseudoscience (like the “invisible hand of the market”, the “evolution of society towards the ulitmate goal of the dictatorship of the proletariat”, the “superiority of the aryan race over all others” and similar bullshit).

    Therefore atheism is not sufficient because it can be attained through external pressure. If you want to be not only free of religion but free of any inhuman ideology, you need to be thinking for yourself.

  3. Alcari says:

    can one be free of idieology? It seems to me that would that be impossible by it’s very definition.

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