Questions 26-28

Question: How do can you possibly sleep at night knowing you are corrupting one or two if not tens of lives every year by turning them away from god? –[Si]dragon
Answer: Whiskey and sleeping pills do the trick every time. –gasmonso

Question: Do you think god is funny? –[Si]dragon
Answer: No, he has killed thousands, if not millions and rules with an iron fist. God is definitely not funny. –gasmonso

Question: Do you ever wonder how torturous your afterlife in hell will be? –[Si]dragon
Answer: No –gasmonso

4 Responses to “Questions 26-28”

  1. Pseudonym says:

    When will people learn? It’s the religious idiots who drive people away from God! Every time you force people to choose between Science and God, people will choose the one that they can see with their own eyes. Don’t make people choose; let them have both!

  2. Arktis says:

    “You’re going to burn in hell and suffer forever!!! Rah!!!!….

    …but God loves you.”

    What a load of bullshit.

  3. Shaze says:

    Idiots drive people everywhere. Why, just last week I got into a taxi and asked the driver to take me to work. We ended up at some remote bar filled with naked womens; I was pissed but let it slide ’cause he seemed pretty content in his own little world.

  4. [Si]dragon says:

    Oops. My questions were meant to be sarcastic and over-the-top with the intention of poking fun at people who might ask such questions in earnest. (I could have sworn my original comment said as much.) Sorry for the confusion and let me make it clear that I am a big fan of the site, gas. Cheers!

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