Questions 8-9

Question: I was wondering about those threat mails you’ve received. Do you consider them genuine? Has it influenced you in any way? –Alcari
Question: What kind of hate mail/issues/death threats have you had running a site that would be considered “controversial” by most? –Agnöstic

Answer: I’ll tackle these two together. To be honest, 99.9% of the emails that I receive on a daily basis are from decent people of all faiths. Of course there’s the typical, "You’re going to burn in hell" email, but many are just curious as to what I’m doing and why.

But having said that, posting the Muhammed caricatures changed that slightly. I received (and still do) and enormous amount of traffic from Iran and Turkey. If any of you have read the nearly 2,000 comments on there you can clearly see this. Now most of the Muslims commenting are just angry and venting which is cool with me. But a few others have sent me mails telling me to take them down or else me and my family would suffer. Others told me to watch out and that they have agents in the US that can find me. Are any of these serious, I don’t know… nor do I want to know.

Now has this influenced me? To be honest, no… not one damn bit. If anything, it has emboldened me to keep the site up and make it bigger and better. If nobody had a problem with the topics I discussed, then there is no reason to discuss them in the first place.


19 Responses to “Questions 8-9”

  1. sidfaiwu says:

    Good for you, gasmonso. You are right in you last statement, “If nobody had a problem with the topics I discussed, then there is no reason to discuss them in the first place.”

  2. Mohamed says:

    I hope that Muslims people who comes here to visit this site, that they don’t do such things, I think your site is really good for Muslims to defend them self and correct some people misconception about Islam.

    I dealt with Gasmono, and he was really respectful man to deal with, and I really like to deal with different belif which is really hard to.

    Behalf on all Muslims, I appolgize for you, and I hope all Muslims who come here to defend their religion in proper way, and please look at prophet Muhammed and deal with people like he did, people will start listen to you.

  3. boris says:


    damn, if only you could articulate a little better, maybe we woulnd’t have this sort of disagreement. for someone that live is in the USA your english skills are terrible.

  4. Mohamed says:

    Why is it bothering you, I’m fine with my self, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m really gratfull that you worry about my skills :)

  5. matt says:

    Mohamed, I dont think you understand the purpose of this site. It’s not focused totally on Islam, its all religions. By the way, your cronies are doing a pretty shitty job of representing their religion, just look at the comments on the mohamed cartoons.

    “please look at prophet Muhammed and deal with people like he did”

    Saying crap like that never helps, you keep saying “read the quran, listen to mohamed” your forgetting that most of the people here know about your religion. And in spite of that, or because of that, we dont want to be a part of it. So quit saying it.

  6. vk0 says:

    I seriously doubt the majority of people here know as much about islam as they do about christianity.

    Reason “everyone” thinks islam is so silly is simply because you are hearing about it’s teachings now, instead of when you were an impressionable child.

    Mohamed does a good job of expressing himself, even though some of the words a mixed up abit, the actual meaning of it is readable 95% of the time.

    And as this is a site about all religions, why shouldn’t we also have the input from one of the islamic one? he knows about islam, he knows he’s one of the few regular posters here who do and he knows most of us are interestet in hearing stuff from a islamic view-point.

    And don’t bitch about a religious person trying to convert you, don’t you try to convert religious people away from god?

  7. matt says:

    I don’t try to convert anyone to anything, mainly because i don’t give a shit what other people believe, and neither should anyone else.

  8. Alcari says:

    “”Reason “everyone” thinks islam is so silly is simply because you are hearing about it’s teachings now, instead of when you were an impressionable child.”"

    I heared about christianity when i was an impresionable child, and that sounds silly to…

    I don’t have a problem with his english by the way, I’ve seen my countrymen mangle my own language a lot more. As long as I can still understand without to much effort, no problem.

    sidwaifu’s right though, great quote :)

  9. Mohamed says:


    You and Boris started to take it personnly with me, which I don’t mind, he didn’t find any thing wrong in what I wrote, and he found me understandable for what this site trying to do, so he started to attack my language, but it doesn’t make feel bad, because I don’t have time to review what I wrote, and I know that most people understand what I mean which that’s my point.

    I really feel bad that Gasnomo got death threat, I think if I see gasnomo on the real life we could be friends, which I really have Athiest friend, we used to work togather and we discussed a lot of issue, we never get angry and he was really open minded and I was the same with him, and I don’t recall that I threat his life, and he still email me after he left the work, and we have something incommon that we are fans for Utah Jazz and Utah Jazz rocks this year:)

  10. sidfaiwu says:

    That’s what I like about you, Mohamed. We can disagree on everything and do so respectfully. I’m very glad Religious Freaks has a regular Islamic contributer.

  11. Mohamed says:


    I consider some of you as friends, I hope you understand why I’m here, I’m not here to challange people, I’m here to try to make better understanding between different culture, so we may maked it better life for our childern in the future.

    The other reason I’m here, I’m trying to learn from you guys, how to write English and make my self understood, I know struggle little bit, but I’m trying.

    Some people would argue, why would you like to learn out of Athiest, our prophet did the same thing, he made Athiest teach Muslims how to read and write.

    I’m really sorry that some Muslims has this extreme tone, just please understand it’s not religion, it’s just because they are stupid, they don’t use their mind to understand what Islam about.

    Thank you sidfaiwu

  12. N says:

    I think mutual respect is important if we’re going to discuss matters that people are passionate about. Some kinds of imagery used by people to strengthen a certain point offend the opposing party and converts the discussion into a mud slinging session where finally, the person with greater linguistic skills wins. Truth (regardless of whose side it is on) is thrown out the window. “Religious” people usually call the other parties unbelievers and get holier than thou. The atheists/agnostics compare the religious folks with people who have had lobotomies which doesn’t help the discussion either.

    As for the radical types, they’re always there. Every religion or group has them. Some get violent, some get suicidal. I think it’s in the interests of the media to magnify the radical incidents (increase sales etc.) and that’s why we Muslims get a lot bad press these days.

  13. gasmonso says:

    Since sidwaifu started the lovefest, I’ll add my $.02…

    Mohamed, I am very pleased to have you here sharing a Muslim’s perspective with me and everyone else that frequents this site. You are probably the first Muslim that most people here have interacted with on a personal basis, with respects to religion, and I can only imagine how much pressure you must feel.

    Although your opinions differ, sometimes wildly, from my own; you have shown me a different side of Islam… one that is more positive. While I’m not converting anytime soon, I do have hope that someday people of different faiths and cultures can peacefully coexist.

    Who knows, maybe one day we can all meet and share a beer together. Oh wait, no beer for you Mohamed ;) You’ll have to settle for tea :)



  14. Mohamed says:


    That’s so funny, my friends at my work say the same joke about the beer to me, I’m not looking to convert somebody, I’m looking for better understanding, give people some ideas why people different, I was lucky to have the experince to come here in USA and make friends and understand how the people think, so I hope some of you get the same experince as me and visit some middle east countries, you will understand how people think too.
    Beleive it or not, some Middle East countries is more fun than USA and Europe.

  15. StupidBanana says:

    Beleive it or not, some Middle East countries is more fun than USA and Europe.”

    Oh yeah, right. FOR MEN…heaps of fun. I really tried to understand muslims and Islam. REALLY TRIED…but I will never really figure it out. I just feel damn lucky that I wasn’t born female in the Middle East.

  16. Roger Gordon says:

    Why is it everytime I visit a website dealing with Interfaith issues like this, the author is the ONLY person who seems interested in genuine discussion?
    The people leaving comments are always out to start a fight with someone…

    These kinds of websites always seem to attract all kinds of bitter people.

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