Mohamed Emira

Mohamed, a self described moderate Muslim, was born and raised in Egypt. He lived in North Carolina for 2 years, and now resides in Utah where he has spent the last 3 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and in his spare time he enjoys watching the NBA, NFL, and college football.


  1. What are your honest views of atheism, or people who claim to be atheistic? –eccles


  2. “Islam freed the world from slavery, and Islam is the reason for all the technology and the advances in this world, when the west in dark ages.” –Mohamed

    a. How did Islam free the world from slavery? –Flaky


    b. How is Islam the reason for all the technology and the advances in this world? It seems to me that people responsible for these things are not religions. People who may have happened to be Muslims may have contributed to advances in technology a thousand years ago, but what have they done lately? –inri


    c. Is it purely Islam that has made those things happen or is there something more general at work? Could it not be said that it was really the work of the scholars, artists, progressives, and others that were just willing to think outside the box? –Josh


  3. We often hear women are mistreated (or at least depicted as lesser than men) in the Islamic religion. Is it only a socio-cultural thing, mostly seen in certain countries, or is it really part of the ‘core’ Islam? –Naery


  4. Why does Islam still have restrictions on eating certain foods? –Elliott


  5. Falling stars were made to smite Jins and Devils who ascend to the heaven in order to hear what God’s plans for the future are. You can always evade something if you’re faster than it, so the Jins/Devils highest speed could be the speed to the comet itself. Suppose that all our observations of the universe are wrong, and the universe has only a 1 light-year radius(earth being the center) it would still take a jin way longer than a year to reach heaven and come back with the news about what WAS future back then. Isn’t that a contradiction in the Quran? –Agony


  6. Mohammed had 9 wives, normal Muslims can have maximum of 4 wives if he is just. The justification for this is that Mohammed wanted to show people whom they was allowed to marry and who not. Mohammed married A’aisha when she was 9 years old. does that make marrying 9-year-old girls accepted in Islam or even a Sunnah? –Agony


  7. If you could ask God a single question and get an answer for it, what would it be? –Agony


  8. Why is it that, in this modern day where nearly everything can be explained, do you still believe it is Allah guiding your way? –Alcari


  9. How is it that you know the Quran is the truth instead of, for example, the Bhagavadgitha? –Alcari


  10. If we are nonbelievers, who will put us on the path we must follow to righteousness? Will it be god or the threat of terrorism? –Last Chance Saloon


  11. What happens to good decent people who harm no one, and those who people who live a actual life of not sinning against god? –Last Chance Saloon


  12. Is the holocaust fact or fiction? Explain. –gasmonso


At the end of the questions, I apologize if I offended somebody with my answers, I didn’t insult any body though as I remember, and please forgive me if I did. I had fun arguing with you guys, I hope that you forgive me for not being fluent in English, I tried as much as I could and I know I did a lot of mistakes, but I assume who ever ream my comments are smart people and they will know what I mean. I didn’t try to dodge any question, I tried to give an answer as I can, and please remember, I’m not really expert in Islam, I’m just Muslim.

Thank you,


10 Responses to “Mohamed Emira”

  1. Tommy says:

    I didn’t get an answer to my “virgins in heaven as a reward” question. I’m not converting for ugly virgins.

    It actually is a serious question. Are the virgins in heaven formerly mortal virgins forced into heavenly slavery just for me? Or are they created on the fly on an “as needed” basis for my amusement. Neither case speaks well for how women are actually viewed in Islam.

    But then again, no one else got much in the way of answers either.

  2. Arktis says:

    I feel sorry for this guy, as I do for almost all Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists. The reason why I feel sorry for these poor fools is that they have a strong life-altering conviction about somthing that can never be proven. They aren’t willing to just say “I don’t know” and leave it at that. Instead they have to devote their life to ridiculous rules and beliefs because they can’t think for themselves, and ultimately this gives power over their lives to whomever can convincingly claim to speak in the name of their supposedly “god”. Well, at least atheist don’t have a problem with the last part.

    Everyone should just be smart enough to be an agnostic by just admitting the obvious: they don’t know, because they *can’t* know.

  3. Mohamed says:


    I feel the same way you feel for me about you.

  4. Agony says:

    They are created on the fly. Me and my friends were joking once that if islam is just women should get 77 Brad Pitts or Tom Cruises, i don’t know if it is just though…
    Oh and they are supposed to be quite beautiful(and everytime you unvirginize one she becomes a virgin again… magically)

    (I don’t believe in islam, I’m an atheist, but i can help mohammed out with the simple questions you guys have)

    I think most Atheists are willing to take the point that there is a god of some kind as a possibility(although it’s a possibility not worth thinking about because you’ll be forced to live like there is no god in both cases), but saying “i don’t know” only enforces the standpoint of the religious people you argue with. So for me the short answer to the question “do you believe there is a god?” is NO! the long answer is “well perhaps…”

    I’ll add a new question here to be answered:
    Why can there only be one God?
    Can’t God have a partner?
    What about a council of Gods, like in democracy?
    They will surely get along as each of them is infinitely wise and merciful and understanding…

  5. Arktis says:

    Mohamed: I expect that sort of sentiment from a religious person. I THINK you feel sorry for me because you believe that I will go to hell. Be assured, that possibility does not bother me, even though it may cause you to belive that I am somehow the devil.

    Show me a religion, and I will show you a ruling body who are parasitic to it’s followers.

    Show me a fear, and I will show you a source of power over whomever has that fear (ex: hell).

    I do not accept religion, because I am aware of the fact that persecution and oppression are the inevitable results, while the religious are the unwitting enablers of oppressers and usurpers. That is why I feel sorry for you. You are not aware that you help the parasites and predators of this world.

    God may or may not exist, but there is no way of knowing that. I just wish people would accept that and control their own lives for a change. If God didn’t want us to make our own destiny, he wouldn’t have made the universe in such a way that we could never be truly assured of his will or his existance. There is no book on this earth that proves god exists. Not even your Qur’an.

  6. Arktis says:

    I would also like to thank you for being honest and open with us here, Mohamed. I don’t agree with you and I also think your views are dangerous – just like the views of the Jews and the Christians and those who I would accuse of taking advantage of religious people in general. But the least I can do is say thankyou for sharing, even if I don’t like what you share, and I think you should just keep it to yourself. Please.

  7. Agony says:

    I have another question, as moslems you fast ramadan right? the fasting starts when the sun rises and ends when it sets, true?

    if that is true, tell me what people close to the poles should do? the sun is up 20 hours place in those places.

    Surely even the meanest god can’t ask people to fast 20 hours, or can he?

  8. Brian Christ says:

    Agony: You can fast for 20 hours and be fine.

  9. irishthunder says:

    Yeah agony, thats not a very good argument. It would take several days for someone die from starvation, more or less depending on stored body fat. Now thirst is a different story…

  10. Mohamed says:

    I think these guys answered you well enough, the other thing we fast to feel how homless people and the people in femain feels like, and to show how patient are we, so it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 hours or 12.

    Personlly I get really sad when Ramadan is over with, even though it’s tough to go through, but you really feel good when you get so close to god.

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