Question 10

Question: If we are nonbelievers, who will put us on the path we must follow to righteousness? Will it be god or the threat of terrorism? –Last Chance Saloon

Answer: It would be god, not terrorism. Terrorism doesn’t change hearts, we don’t want people to be Muslims because they forced to be Muslims, we need Muslims who loves Islam and benefit him, and I will tell you something about Jihad.

Jihad is broad word in Islam, you can do Jihad by being good student trying to get better, you can do Jihad by doing better job at you work but, you do Jihad when you fast In Ramadan because you force your self to ignore the temptation around you, so Jihad is doing any thing in good way for the sake of god, but Terrorist kidnap this word and makes it look like it’s for killing.

Even god told our prophet in Quran, “If you were tough with your people they would leave you”, so our prophet was inviting people by his words, he never oppressed somebody to believe.

What would you do to Islam, if you become Muslim because you are afraid, you would do nothing, and you would hurt Islam way more than you do if you are not Muslim?

These terrorist got it wrong, and I think they betray Islam, and they do so much harm to Islam, my own belief that Usama Bin Laden is an American character; they made him to justify what ever they want to do in the world. Look at what Usama Bin Laden doing, he helps him every time Bush get in trouble with the American people, he comes out and threaten the American people, so his friend Bush keep doing what he wants, it really saddens me to see that happening, I wish if the world stop fighting and killing people.

God gives you mind to think about, to see the signs of his existence , to think hard and try to find the truth, on the other hand this choice accompanied with devil try to take you to the other direction, but at the end you have the choice, not the devil.

Thank you.


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  1. Agony says:

    You sound pretty much like an old school friend of mine, she was quite a religious christian, and just like you’re telling us about jihad now she used to say stuff like “there really is no hell, it is just a metaphor for a sad life” and other stuff like this. It all went on until she read the bible. she’s Agnostic now, but she still kinda believes in her kind all loving all merciful god whom she couldn’t find in christianity.

    A guy once came to mohammed asking him to join in the Jihad, mohammed asked him if his parents were alife, and when the man answered with yes he told him to go back and take care of them because this is better in god’s eye even than Jihad.

    So, caring for your old parents isn’t jihad… i never saw a single place where learning is mentioned as jihad. The people mohammed sent out to publish islam when he got the None Agression Packt with Mekka were not out on Jihad as far as i remember, they were out on Da’awa.

    I’m sorry that this is gonna hurt a bit, but what you just said is a typical example of people trying to justify their religion by changing its meanings

  2. HumanisticJones says:

    Though I do have to agree with the Osama Bin Laden = American puppet argument on some level. We did infact arm the Taliban during the Cold War. Surprisingly now, with our leader’s goal of “Spreading democracy to the world”, that our goal back then was actually to incite radical Islam to prevent Democracies from forming so that the USSR couldn’t get a foothold.

    So yeah, our fault with that. But far too many people follow these men for it to just be coincidence. Either the people have forgoten their own prophet’s teachings, or the term Jihad is not quite as broad as you say.

  3. Outsider says:

    Or, people in that area are just so pissed off at the american backstabbing policies (feed Taliban arms, supplies, and training for 20-30 years, then declare war on them) that they will take any excuse to attack… even when it’s utter bullshit.

    It happens everywhere. The ID debate/debaucle, gang warfare, even the anti-cuban stance of the american government (ok, I’m stretching it a bit for the last one, but it’s for a greater good. :) ) all these things are motivated by people’s emotions hijacking a ridiculous reason and trying to make it reasonable.

    People are emotional, and hate to appear that way, so they find other excuses for acting emotionally.

  4. Wanted information on that. I wrote it off as yet another charge, but I’m going to consider it again.

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