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Question: Is the holocaust fact or fiction? Explain. –gasmonso

Answer: Like Ahmad Najad said, and I don’t like him, but he has valid point for this question, and either he is stupid person or not, his answer gives valid point and actually it happens that it  matched my view point.

I really don’t know, but the weird thing that west who claims that they have a lot of freedom, they don’t want to search this issue and they don’t want even thinks about it. Last year they put writer in prison because he published book saying that the holocaust didn’t happen, and I think it was Austrian, where is the freedom when it comes to Jews?, you can’t talk about it, you can’t be anti-Semitic in Europe but you can be anti-Muslims, you can publish the cartoon, but can’t say that there was no Holocaust.

So it shows you there is something going on wrong, something suspicious, I think when they allow people to search this issue, I will answer this question.

And the other thing, why Palestinian has to pay for it, why do we have to cry for it after almost 70 or 80 years, Iraqi got tortured in Abu-Ghareeb and it was 2 years ago, almost every body forgot about it, and secret prisons for Muslims, nobody cares.

Even if it happened, Jews please stop crying about it, it has been freaking long time ago, but actually that proves that Quran is right when Quran describes them, they always feel humiliated, so Jews I will thank you for proving that the Quran is right.

And the Jews how complains about it, they the same who bombarded Lebanon and they don’t hesitate to torture who ever they want.


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  1. Bones says:

    I’m certainly not a fan of curtailing free speech, even if I understand why Europe would be extremely touchy when it comes to anti-Semitism. So I take your point on that.

    However, I don’t know any Jews who are humiliated about the holocaust. Maybe they’re still angry or bitter about it, though I don’t personally know any of those.

    There are people who care about torture and secret prisons; I think you’ll find that a lot of the damned atheists and even the misguided Christians that visit this site are among them. Maybe we’re not in the majority. I’d betcha, though, that a higher percentage of Jews are against allowing torture and keeping prisoners without trial than Christians, in the US at least.

    And I’m not Jewish, but I don’t think I’d appreciate equating the government of Israel with all Jews. Any more than Muslims would appreciate equating the Palestinian government with all Muslims. Or Al Quaeda, as a lot of ignorant people do, and I bet pisses you off.

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  3. Naery says:

    Times and times again it amazes me to see people saying

    ‘Do not generalize to everyone in a religion/region/color/language the actions of some idiots and fanatics.’

    and then just go on to say:

    ‘But the Jews, they are… and the blacks are so… but if they come from UK it’s like they are so…’

  4. Agony says:

    “Even if it happened, Jews please stop crying about it, it has been freaking long time ago”

    point valid, but as long as it gives them a political advantage, who can blame them?

    “so Jews I will thank you for proving that the Quran is right.”

    Oh and thank you Mohammed for proving that you are ignorant about jews. i’m inviting you over to my place next summer, perhaps then you can see that jews are not humilliated or anything, they just feel like you guys do about the crusades.

    “And the Jews how complains about it, they the same who bombarded Lebanon and they don’t hesitate to torture who ever they want.”

    Sure but they are a bit smarter about it, there is a jewish proverb here called “Don’t be right, be smart” and i think this is the first rule of politics for ANY country.

    Because of two soldiers they destroied a good deal of lebanon and brought it’s economy down effectively erasing about a decade of advancement there. As a result, they have ensured that THEY are the only super power left in the area, and tell me truely now, wouldn’t that be your goal too if you were a country?

  5. Agony says:

    I just had an idea, perhaps Hassan Nasrallah is really an Israeli puppet as it seems that everything he did is serving israel’s needs just like Ben-Laden is serving the needs of the USA according to your theory:D

  6. Mohamed says:

    That’s all predicted in Quran, and you might knoe the rest for the prophecy, and I will not say it, make it surprise.


  7. Alcari says:

    “Iraqi got tortured in Abu-Ghareeb and it was 2 years ago, almost every body forgot about it, and secret prisons for Muslims, nobody cares.

    Even if it happened, Jews please stop crying about it,”

    a dozen iraqi, 6 million jews, same old same old…[/sarcam]

  8. Agony says:

    Yes mohammed, the prophecy says some magician bad guy will come to conquer earth, many people of weak faith will follow him, then jesus will return from the heaven to beat that guy and there will be 7 years of peace and harmony for the whole world… then one day the sun comes up from the west, and it’s all over:D

    nice prophecy;) sorry guys that i spoiled the rest of your lives for you.

    I think i forgot to include the part of some kind of human beings who are imprissoned under earth for a few thousand years now returning to conquer us… maybe you should try to sell the idea to some film studios, it might be a great his, all the fantasy is so vivid, and you guys took your time developing it… only about 1500 years…

  9. Mohamed says:

    There is another prophecy and I’m not going to tell you about it, you can search.

  10. JKM says:

    There is always another prophecy, so responce like that is tad childish. Either you tell of it or not. Do not try to dangle it like some treat.

    Then to the writer David Irving.

    He did admit of saying that holocaust had not happened in the 1989. I respect him from admitting that in the court as that is what he did then but people generally ignore the part that he has changed his opinions after studying the situation further. In 1991 he had already recovered proof that Holocaus had happened and he no longer denied it.

    He was jailed due his opinions from 17 years ago, what kind of sense is that? Specially when considering he was picked from motorway.

    Now, personally I do not like the man, his views are not mine but that is maybe one of the crudest attempt of censorship I have ever known.

    Lets see why such a law exists? (Holocaust Denial Law)

    The law was created right after WWII to prevent further Nazi activities. And as Austria was Annexed by the Nazis in 1938 and also very involved in the crimes performed by the Third Reich they felt the need to have a such law.

    Other countries have that law also. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland.

    The need for such law rose from the desire to openly show to other countries that, yes we were part and parcel with the Nazi, but no more, we are the good guys now.

    From an Austrian friend of mine I heard also that Austrians saw themselves as victims not criminals and that has made them reluctant to admit that they were “all too eager to help out the Nazi”. They were responsible but generally they did/do not want to admit it.

    So in short, people are shamed of things they did and lash out to show that they do not condone anyone saying something against the common line, sounds kind of familiar from the latest news in the world, I would say.

    Not talking of Holocaust is not because it did not happen, there are so many survivors that trying to deny the facts is foolish.

    Also the survivors are of various nationalities and different religions so, no it is no jewish plot, heard that so many times it is boring already.

    I believe that Europe(ans) are unwilling to talk of it because of the shame. Many countries aided, or did not oppose which is morally as bad as aiding, the Nazis and thus talking of the Holocaust brings back bad memories.

  11. Doron Zielinski says:

    All this toing and froing over massacre’s is stupid. No a dozen Iraqis doesn’t equal 6 million Jews – take the religion away and you are left with 6 million and a dozen human beings dead. Neither is a good statistic.

    I am afraid that you are wrong – the Holocaust definitely happened – Nazis who came out of gaol after 40 years shouted down the bullxhit the revisionists (like Irving) claimed by saying “I was there. I killed 10000 Jews personally and I would have killed 20000 if I had the chance”. That’s what was so ludicrous about his position the very Nazis he was trying to defend with lies were undermining his dumb claims.

    Europe is unwilling to talk about whether the HHolocaust happened because they know it did. Why talk about something that you know is a fact. It’s a fact end of story. Kapish? Do we need to argue that there is air – ridiculous.

    I like Bill Hicks’ answer to your stupid claim to the Jews to get over the Holocaust, that it was sixty years ago – let it be. “Well we Christians (and Muslims) didn’t forgive the Jews for two thousand years for killing Jesus, maybe we should let it be huh?”

    Sorry to disappoint you but we are not crying over anything, it just won’t be able to happen again – it is precisely why we have beaten each invading Muslim army since. The Holocaust is an inspiration to never lose.

    My fear is that as Muslims are living in Europe they are suffering state sponsored attempts to remove the veil (France) and racist attacks (Russia & Serbia). I would hate it for them to become the new ‘Jews’ and for Europe to evolve a final solution to them. Lets hope the riots in France were not a sign of this.

    My dear Muslim brothers no matter how much you try to wipe us out we will not stop fighting to the very end. The difference between now and the Holocaust is that if you do try and implement the final solution there is nasty surprise instore.

    Shalom Salaam and Peace be with you.

    JKM thanks for attempting to deal with this sensibly.

  12. Doron Zielinski says:

    As far as prophesy is concerned if someone claimed to speak to God today we’d put them in an asylum. It’s a hard ask of a modern thinker to accept that God only spoke to three individuals in History.
    Why would God write a book celebrating him throughout? How insecure!
    Why would he require the smell of sacrifices? What a waste of cattle!
    Why would he demand his creations kill themselves over different interpretations of their man-made books about him in a Holocaust and religious war?

    No I’m afraid that all of this reeks of good old human greed my brothers. In reality the slaughter in Iraq has nothing to do with Christianity vs Islam in-so-much as Islamic people live on top of the largest oil reserve in the world. Just as the German government confiscated the Jews property and banked it in Switzerland the world superpowers are stealing the most valuable commodity in the world from you.

    Don’t let them divert your anger at the Jews as scapegoats. Maintain your rage at the people who are doing this to you.

    Derrida is right – the book claims that God exists but the book was written by man.

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