Question 2a

“Islam freed the world from slavery, and Islam is the reason for all the technology and the advances in this world, when the west in dark ages.” –Mohamed

Question: How did Islam free the world from slavery? –Flaky

Answer: Before Muhammad got the revelation, there was two major empires, from the west was the Roman empire and from the East was Byzantine empire.

Roman Empire was slaving the Christian and they were the lowest class of the society and they were persecuted under the Roman Empire, on the other side it was almost the same, the princes and kings in the Byzantine Empire live in luxury and the regular people suffering.

In the Arabic peninsula, they were small tribes and they are so ignorant, and slavery was big deal at this time at this area, girls was killed and buried alive, women has no right.

After Islam, Islam didn’t forbid the slavery immediately, but Islam took practical steps to resolve it in a way doesn’t affect the social life and economic life and I’m going to mention some of this steps, and I know there are more steps, I just don’t recall it.

1-     If somebody commits a mistake, he could free a slave, and god will forgive him.

2-     If somebody have some reasons not to fast Ramadan, he can free slave

3-     If somebody has relationship with his slave, the son or the girl out of this relation is a free person, not a slave, which before Islam the kids out of such relation considered slave.

4-     When Muslims pray, the line together in one line, and they stick shoulder to shoulder, no matter whom you are, if you were slave or free.

There are more steps Islam did to get rid of this issue gradually considering how this society was before Islam, and I challenge there is society get rid of slavery as fast as Islam did.

Regarding to the Roman empire, Islam free the Christian of the Roman Persecution, and gave them the choice to be Muslims or to stay Christians, they weren’t slaves any more, just they have to pay taxes, which in the other way Muslims paid Zakat.

I hope I answered your question, and I have to add that god knows better.


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  1. Agony says:

    Just a side question on this one:
    “If somebody has relationship with his slave, the son or the daughter out of this relation is a free person”

    And what happened to the father/mother?

  2. Mohamed says:

    What is going you think it’s going to happen, if sheihe would be still the mother or the father of your son, I think most likely she/he would be free too. Any way Islam took the grdual step to get rid of slavery, which a lot of civilization didn’t.

  3. Agony says:

    I was talking about sex outside marrige…

  4. Muhammed says:

    As a Muslim I am confused about our religion. How come slavery has never been abolished in our religion? How come slavery is still accepted as a form of practice in Sudan and human trafficking (slavery) is still practice in other Islamic countries? How come the name for black people in Arabic is “slave”? May the true words of Allah clarify things. Allah Akbar.

  5. Mohamed says:

    Because I think you didn’t read Quran before, black people in Arabic doesn’t mean slave, there were white slaves before Islam existed.

    So slave could be black or white or what ever, Islam got rid of slavery in short period of time, while advanced nation couldn’t get rid of it in long time, and they still suffering from it.

    If somebody doing slavery in Sudan, that’s because they don’t care about Islam, their names are Muslims, but they don’t really believe in Islam.

    Slavery never been abolished in Islam, because it was something regular in this environment before Islam shows up, so to change the situation in a moment, that would be big shake for the society at this time, so Islam put practical steps to get rid of it, and that’s what happen, and if you want to know the steps, you can do little bit of effort and read the Quran and you will see what these steps are.

    By the way most of my Egyptians friends are black, I don’t call them slaves.

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