Question 2b

Question: You say that “Islam is the reason for all the technology and the advances in this world.” How is that? It seems to me that people responsible for these things are not religions. People who may have happened to be Muslims may have contributed to advances in technology a thousand years ago, but what have they done lately? –inri

Answer: I agree with you, that it was individuals who did these things, not religion, but the religion should create the real environment to make that happen. When the church was ruling the West in the past, they were prohibiting every body is creative and has new ideas, at the same time Muslims concerned about Geography and math and other sciences, no body killed them, they were encouraged to do so.

Islam has nothing to do with the Muslims lacking of knowledge, it’ s the oppressive regimes that we have in the ME, I will give you an example.

Ahmed Zewail, he was awarded the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, he is an Egyptian and he graduated from Egyptian University, after he graduated, he was the best student out of all the students in his class, they promised him to hire him in the university in Egypt, yet they didn’t do it, the reason was that there is some one else is better than him, so he traveled to USA and got his chance and he is what he is now.

Sure you are going to say because he is in USA, and I will agree with you on that, but it’s not because Islam, it’s because the government in Egypt is corrupt and this story happens thousands time in Egypt.

So it’s not Islam, nothing of what’s going on in the ME is related to Islam, you can blame the Muslims as much as you want, but don’t blame Islam, because the Muslims now is just title for the Muslims, they are not really Muslims, they don’t apply what the Quran says, the do the opposite. If we become really Muslims, and we do what the Islam says, we will be better off.

I got a lot of argument in Egypt with people about their behavior and how they act, and unfortunately in USA has better behavior than Egypt and the people in USA apply what the Islam says about how people should behave and in ME, they ignoring it.  

For answering your last part of the question, Muslims didn’t do much, because under these regimes, it will never happen, they want people stays where they are, so they stay kings and presidents as long as they can, so it’s not Islam.


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  1. Agony says:

    Please tell me if the summary is what you meant:

    Moslems were responsibile for all Technology/Science in the world UP TO A POINT(that point being a few centuries back at least)

    “they promised him to hire him in the university in Egypt, yet they didn’t do it, the reason was that there is some one else is better than him”

    Well, if there is someone better then lucky them, they got the best while the USA only got the second best… Weird though, if they keep the best to themself and only export second grade scientists, i think we SHOULD actually see some science working there…

  2. Mohamed says:

    I made mistake here, it supposed to be not better than him, because Ahmed Zeweel was the best student, and I actually that’s what I refered about mistakes I made.

  3. Nova says:

    What happen if knowledge is directly in opposition with religion? For instance, the evidence for evolution is overwhelming, but still you refuse to accept it because the Quran tells you we came from clay. How is this supposed to help knowledge?

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