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Question: Is it purely Islam that has made those things happen or is there something more general at work? Could it not be said that it was really the work of the scholars, artists, progressives, and others that were just willing to think outside the box? –Josh

Answer: I totally agree with you about that, for my experience, there are a lot of people in Egypt are so creative, they are so oppressed and they don’t have this kind of institutions that would fund their ideas.

I have seen a lot in Egypt has good knowledge in computer, but they are not used, on the other side you find the Indian is doing way better, because their government support that direction and help their people, which leads to another issue that people in Egypt got graduated from with college degree and they don’t find jobs, and they don’t have life which create rich ground for terrorist recruiting, so if you think about, if you think about it if USA spent $300 billion to enhance these people life, you wouldn’t find one terrorist, but they do the opposite, they create this ground for terrorism.

I hope I answered you question, and if I misunderstood the question, please correct me.


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  1. Agony says:

    I think you actually misunderstood him…

    The question was actually if you think that ISLAM/God is the one responsible for all the things you mentioned or that it was something more based in nature, such as people being willing to think outside the box?

    The USA already helps out Egypt with some money every year, do you want them to babysit Egypt? i’m sure if they did we’d find people saying the USA is trying to invade egypt. The USA isn’t gonna give 300M$ to egypt just so, they’ll want something in return, and egypt doesn’t have much to offer.

  2. Mohamed says:

    Let you know something my friend, I used to work in the water company in Egypt, and you know how they gave us the money, they hire Americans to devolpe the water sector, so the American get paid from this money, and they buy them Ford cars, which is not common in Egypt, and what about Israel, don’t they babysit Israel, and give them Billions, and they send weapons when they attacked Lebanon, because small groups of Muslims Kick Israel butt.

    Agony please don’t be smart with me, I lived in ME and I know how things run

  3. Agony says:

    And although israel has only nearly 6 million inhabitants(while egypt has 10 times as much,) israel still has the strongest economy in the area.

    Your comparision doesn’t hold my friend, If you have two children, one who is bad at school(economy), tries to improve but can’t do it, and once who is outstancing, you would spend money on the good one so he can take some courses/science camps…etc and on the other one you would spend money for help lessons.

    Once egypt’s economy/airforce/technology surpasses that of israel you’re welcome to make that comparission, but until then, be objective.

    Not try to be smart? sorry, god created me smart, it’s not up to me. In a discussion you try to exploit a weakness in your “opponent’s” argument so you can drive your point home, i admit it takes some smartness to see through all the intreciate stories of religion and conspiracy theories the ME has made for itself…

  4. Mohamed says:

    “god created me smart”,

    Agony admit there is god.

    Thank you,

  5. Hi, I just thought I’d post and let you know your blog layout is messed up on the Samsung Mobile phone browser. Anyhow keep up the good work.

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