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Question: We often hear women are mistreated (or at least depicted as lesser than men) in the Islamic religion. Is it only a socio-cultural thing, mostly seen in certain countries, or is it really part of the ‘core’ Islam? –Naery

Answer: Good question, it’s social thing and it has nothing to do with Islam, all I know that our prophet never beat any of his wives, he got angry one or two times of them, he didn’t beat them, he left them and he went to a place and he just sat there, but he didn’t beat them.

Obviously it’s something from culture, and actually it varies from country to country, I think somewhere like Afghanistan or Pakistan is more than other country, and actually it varies from time to another, for example it was more in 1920 and 30s more than now, and actually it happens every where even USA and I have seen so many times and they didn’t do any thing for the man.

In the real Islam Aisha the wife of our prophet, after our prophet died, even men comes to her to ask about what she thinks and what out prophet said about that, and there are many examples of this era that the woman has her opinion and her opinion is respected.

I raised this way, I have seen my dad appreciate what my mom was doing, and he really relied a lot on her, but the funny thing that our neighbors next door, the guy was abusing his wife, and for every body to know that my dad opinion that he is not real man, it wasn’t only my dad opinion, it was all the neighborhood opinions.

So my personal opinion who ever abuse woman is not real man.


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  1. Agony says:

    And yet the Quran/Hadeeth tells you to hit your woman if she does not obey(i don’t remember the Ayah/Hadeeth for this one or i would have quoted, sorry)

    And asking her about things the prophet did or said(which in turn, are made Hadeeth) isn’t really respect, people used to ask slaves to spy on their masters, but that doesn’t mean they respected them.

  2. Alcari says:

    that is what you get for using thousand+ year old laws in a modern society. If we were to actaully follow the bible to the letter, we would kill everyone who shaves his sideburns (Lev.19:27) kill everyone who work on sunday (Exodus 35:2) keep slaves from a neighboring country (Lev. 25:44) etc etc etc.

    doing these things is NOT ok because it’s in the bible. so why do some feel that it is ok to beat your wife because it say so in the quran?

  3. Outsider says:

    They don’t. At least, not if they are reasonable individuals like our friend here… Just like a resonable Christian will not claim that it is ok to burn a busness to the ground for staying open on Sunday.


    So my personal opinion who ever abuse woman is not real man.


    This is a reasonable individual. Notice how reasin plays an important part in the conversation? People of faith can be reasonable, too.

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