Question 5

Question: Falling stars were made to smite Jins and Devils who ascend to the heaven in order to hear what God’s plans for the future are. You can always evade something if you’re faster than it, so the Jins/Devils highest speed could be the speed to the comet itself. Suppose that all our observations of the universe are wrong, and the universe has only a 1 light-year radius(earth being the center) it would still take a jin way longer than a year to reach heaven and come back with the news about what WAS future back then. Isn’t that a contradiction in the Quran? –Agony

Answer: I’m not really sure I got your question, I know you are smart guy, with a
lot of knowledge, but I will assume that you mean that the Jin is not fast
enough to reach the sky or the heaven.

First of all, god put the rules and the laws for this earth and he can break
them and I understand that you think from human prospective, any way, there
was story about Solemn, that he got news that there is a queen in Yemen as I
think and she has beautiful palace and it’s something really fancy, so one
of the Jins told him we can build in 3 days and some said in 2 days, and one
of them told him, I will get before you blink, and it happened, he got the
whole thing before Solemn blinks.

The other thing that there is no body knows the future including the Jins,
they might know stupid things, but not really important things like when are
you going to die, and I will use the same prophet Solemn, if you know that
god allowed Solemn to use the Jins and work and he had the power to let them
do what ever he wants by god wills, one day Solemn was watching the Jins
working and he was leaning on his wood cane, and he died and no jinny knows
and the ant in the ground started to eat part of the cane, and after while
Solemn falled on the ground and then they know what happened. So that’s
mean no body knows the future, and no body will.

I hope I answered your question and I’m proud of you!


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  1. Agony says:

    No that didn’t really answer the question…

    The second story of Solomon is new to me, but i have heard the first before.

    But the thing is, i heard the stuff about Jin ascending to heaven to hear what the future will hold in an islamic program. I would search for the Tafseer(explenation) if i had arabic on this computer, but i think it is in Soorat Al-Mulk “And we decorated the sky of the world with lamps and made them to throw at the Jins/Satans” I think there was a Hadeeth about it as well.

    I’m sure God can break any physical law, since that is your definition of god. But a Jin can’t, so the question still stands: how come he is unable to evade the comet/falling star when he is supposed to be able to reach the sky of the world(this is a reference to the end of the universe AFAIK) and listen to the news of the heavens? Sorry if i hadn’t mentioned the question explicitly before

  2. Agony says:

    I’m disappointed… where is my answer?

  3. 4EVERIRAQ says:

    it is very easy you idiot….the angeles have diffrent spead, the jins have diffrent speads and every one have diffrent speads than others according to the positon they hold.they can reach heaven in 1000 or 50,000 years some can do it in one second …..the sora in quran did not mention heaven as the heaven we know…but the sky the first solar system area which all the nayzak and fire stones are in the built of stones…some around jupeter some around other planets…..these stones made of many metals and fire will attack these jins if they want to go to first sky( sma2 al doneya) as they can not reach farther ,the angels protect every corner of it.they are falling angels 9jin0so they stay here until the day of judgment and i hope you will be with them people like you must enter jahanam and we will witness it you will see fool.

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