Question 7

Question: If you could ask God a single question and get an answer for it, what would it be? –Agony

Answer: I hope I could understand your question, but I will try to answer what I think I understand, I really don’t have questions for god and, I think I had questions when I was young but I think I had the answer for these questions. When I was 20 I used not to pray and I knew I was wrong, but as a lot of people like us, we think we are going to die, but somewhere in our mind we ignore it, and I was the same I knew I will die, but I thought it’s not going to happen now and in my mind I still young and I have my time to make up what ever I didn’t do when I was young, but it  think I got the answer for this.

 I’m going to share you what happened to me, I used to play handball and I was really athletic, add to that I was really healthy and I didn’t think any thing would happen to me, and one day I was at my work in Egypt and I was just sitting on my disk doing almost nothing like the most of the government employees in Egypt, and I got panic attack and it was seriously sever, and all I could think about, not the fact that I’m going to die, but it was what did I do in my life to meet god with, it was all bad things and mistakes, I even hardly pry to him,  and I was begging inside my self if god kept me alive, I will obey him and try to be ready for that day, and I hope I do enough to be ready for that day.

So I think my question to god, if I did enough or not, but I’m not waiting for answer, because I believe god doesn’t talk to human-being directly and I don’t want to  be like Moses people , when they told him, let us see god and talk to him.

I hope that I answered you question, really I have nothing to ask god.

Again I hope people excuse me for my language mistakes, I’m trying to do my best, some of the answers for the questions I answered, I was stealing the time to answer it, and I know I did some mistakes, but I hope people understood what I meant.


2 Responses to “Question 7”

  1. Agony says:

    No problem with the language, it might not be 100% but it is 100% understandable, and as long as i can understand it i don’t mind it(maybe you’d prefer sending me the next JustAsk you do for proof reading before publishing them?)

    Wow, now you have a chance to ask the one being in the world who knows EVERYTHING, and you got nothing to ask of him? Truely, WOW. It’s amazing how devoted you people are, but if it’s devotation or blind faith… that’s for your God to tell

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