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Question: Why is it that, in this modern day where nearly everything can be explained, do you still believe it is Allah guiding your way? –Alcari

Answer: Not every thing can be explained, I will give an example for things we know and we think that we understand but we don’t really know what it is.

Electricity, we think we understand what the electricity is, but the fact is you don’t  know where is this force coming from we just have it and we know how to use it, but really we don’t what is it

Fire, what is the fire, if you can answer this question let me know, I mentioned this example specifically because I was camping last week and we lid fire, and I kept looking at and I tried hard to understand what is the fire, we know how to lid fire and we know how to use, but do you have explanation for it.

The universe, do you see how big is the universe, we just landed on the moon and I think Mars, but do you think we know what exactly the end of it. I can go on and on.

Do you believe that god guide your way?

Sure god guides me and he knows how much “Rizk” or by English you can say money and other things you earn, and he knows when I’m going to die, and where are you going to die, other than that, you have the choice to do what ever you want, you have the choice to be a good person and obey what he is asking you to do, or you can  do the opposite, that’s why there is judgment day, where god is going to ask what did you choose?

So god guides you the answer is yes, does he force you to do something specific the answer is no.

No matter how much technology we got, we don’t have every thing, and we will never have it, so  the word "nearly"  is not accurate.

Thank you


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  1. Agony says:

    Okay Mohammed… this one you got plain wrong:

    Electricity(i suppose you talk about electric currents here):

    Using Electric Fields(an abstraction resulting from the Electric Force that is applied between two charged items) we make Electrons travel from one end of the wire to the other end(they don’t travel through air, even though it’s often a more direct way because of the high “resistance” or air), producing heat in a lamp for example, light in a screen or more abstract thing such as transfering the post i’m writing right now.

    Not all fires are identical, but they all basicly follow the following logic:
    Through heat, some of the flamable material you are using is turned into gas, the gas goes up, and because of the heat a chemical reaction happens between the gas and Oxygen. This chemical reaction releases energy(light and heat) which is what we precieve as fire.
    You will agree that fire isn’t exactly “there” you cannot touch fire you cannot do any of the many things with it we do with objects, that is because what we precieve as fire is no more than the light that is given off by the reaction.

    I hope i was clear on that part, but there are things we don’t know such as what is gravity? The asker said NEARLY everything, and i think he was right, we know the answers to the most popular questions, and even though we don’t know WHAT gravity is, we know quite accurately how it works, and we have theories what is it(Gravitons(string theory), a bend in space and time(relativity)…etc)

    But the common questions such as how did life start, why does water flow down, what is lightning, why do trees grow? how does life come to be in a woman’s womb? how do we think? What are clouds? How does a rainbow come to be?
    All of those questions people needed gods to justify we have answered already, and soon enough i hope, we will be able to answer the few missing questions such as where did we come from? where are we going?

    Note: i think we actually know where the end of the universe is… i’m not sure about this info but we do know how old the universe is, and i think it should be possible to calculate how much it has expanded already

  2. Mohamed says:

    That the explanation of the fire, but we still don’t know what the fire, you explained how the fire happened not what the fire.

    I know you would have hard time explain this, sorry for that. There is now explanition, it’s just god something god create and human-being would never know what is it, why the fire look like fire?

    I will tell you how the world is going to end and scientifcaly, like Islam said that the sun would come from the west, and it’s appeoved that the sun comes from the west on every planet, so Islam knows that from 1400 years before your scince.

  3. Naery says:

    Erm… we know what is electricity and fire actually. Even microwave you know. Just go to any university, in the engeenering department, they’ll explain.

  4. Mohamed says:

    Just think little deeper, we explain it, we know how to produce it, and may be put it down sometimes, but we don’t what is it.

    There is no way to know what the fire, and why when people put Abrhim in the fire was cold not hot, and this story mentioned in Judism and Christianity and Islam, how the nature of the fire changed, however you are atheist you are going to deny it.

    Don’t you ever hear about hous haunted and man possesed, give the explanation for that.

  5. Nova says:

    You are desperately (IMHO) trying to look for a meaning where there is no meaning. What is the *real* meaning behind 2+2? Can we *truly explain* a glass of water?
    Well, unless you want to (blindly) worship simple algebra or small quantities of water, you cannot go very far.

    I suppose you want to refer to the “mystery” of creation. Well, god does not explain it, simply because there is no explanation of the origin of god. Therefore no problem is really solved.

    About haunted houses and man possessed, well, I should be there (better with an illusionist, which is an expert in trickery), since I cannot – honestly – comment on something I haven’t seen. But if you check the past experiences, *every time* something supernatural was under scrutiny.. well, the supernatural part “magically” disappeared. See the Randi foundation and CSICOP online for references.

  6. Arktis says:

    We know what fire is. Fire is the intense radiation of energy (what we experience as heat and light) given off by atoms which undergo an exothermic chemical reaction (the specific type being known as “combustion”) which also gives off certain wavelenghts of light based on the composition/arrangement of the atoms/molecules involved.

    Basicly, the chemical reaction causes all the particles in the material that is burning to rearange themselves in such a manner that an intense amount of energy (heat and light in the case of combustion) has to be released before they can become stable again. This can also happen in the reverse; with different conditions/chemicals you can produce an endothermic reaction which absorbs rather than gives off energy (such that it will be cold to the touch).

    I suggest that you study science more carefully before claiming that there is no way to know what fire is, because we have known for a long time now. Please do not be ignorant. Ignorance is dangerous.

  7. Alcari says:

    “like Islam said that the sun would come from the west, and it’s appeoved that the sun comes from the west on every planet”

    wha??? dude, open a window and look outside. Where I live, the sun rises in the east. (actaully, it rises CLOSE to the east, due to seasonal changes) and if you at Uranus, the sun doesn’t rise there at all. one pole constantly faces the sun while the other face away.

    The question was though, Why do you still think allah is responsible for [fill in phenomenon here] now that we can explain so much with science.

  8. Nova says:

    “like Islam said that the sun would come from the west, and it’s appeoved that the sun comes from the west on every planet”

    I guess you meant rising from the east, but that’s wrong too. On wikipedia (See Venus – Orbit and rotation):
    “To an observer on the surface of Venus, the Sun would appear to rise in the west and set in the east every 116.75 days”

    (And we are just talking about our solar system!)

    Does that disprove the Qu’ran to you? I bet not.. :)

  9. Alcari says:

    I ask this because when mankind was young, we thought thunder came from angry gods in the sky, now we know the real reason. we used to think god made the water come down from the mountain but we know better now.

    not to long ago, we thought it was god who made the sky blue and who created the universe.

    my point is, god/allah/whoever is being forced further away from our lives and replaced with knowledge. why do you still look to god for help, while you know it’s all really scientifically proven.

    praise the wiki :P

  10. Alcari says:

    Take Uranus for example, the sun doesn’t rise there at all. It has one pole towards the sun at all time. If that isn’t sacrilige, I don’t know what is.

    anyway, the reason i saked this question is because of the fact that while we used to think that god gave us the water running from the moutain, now we know it’s because of the hydrological circle.
    We used to think god made lightning, but now we know it’s static electricity.
    I can go on and on, the curch(es) have accepted this, but refuse to accept

    Why do you still think god does so much for you, while it can be shown it actaully has a different reason?

  11. Alcari says:

    sorry for the double post….

  12. Agony says:

    Why go as far as Uranus? Take the poles, the sun is up for 6 months straight there… I bet the Quran didn’t tell the people in that area how to time their praying or fasting

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